Over door swings

We’ve become really find of sex on a particular office chair since we started working from home. So much so that I fancy risking a sex swing (only a risk as we often buy new things, try them once and then never again).

I’m wondering if anybody finds a particular one comfortable and not requiring the one in the swing to have to work really hard to get fun from it?


I’ve not tried an over the door swing but if you have a spare room and some spare cash I can really recommend something a little more substantial. I’ve been a giver and receiver in one suspended from the ceiling and one in its own free standing frame. Both are terrific.

You can work as hard as you like or as little as you like, just don’t fall asleep on the job if you’re taking it slow and you are the one in the swing


This thread might give you some pointers.

Hi @McGlovin
I purchased one of the below a few years ago and still to this day best sex aid I’ve purchased.
Just make sure you have a strong ceiling and screw into the beams and it will hold up.

I have a review in there too

Simply Amazing

Review by Sexy S. on 16 Jan 2018review stating Simply Amazing

Wow, you need to buy this product. You haven’t had sex until you have had sex in one of these swings. We bought this at a great sale price and it is truly value for money probably one of the best things I have ever purchased. Item arrived in discreet box and set up installing hook but just make sure you have proper support when hanging otherwise yRead more about review stating Simply Amazing

ou may end up in a heap. Once up and hanging ready for use the item looks and feels quality with the velvet adjustable foot straps and seat straps. Upon 1st use we were really nervous it would not hold our weights but you have to put your trust in it otherwise you won’t relax and enjoy the swing as you should. There are various positions you can get into whether it be for oral or penetration take your pick. Over time we have experimented more and more as the sex gets better each time with both myself and OH having some intense O’s. The view you get of your partner in the swing is so hot and a massive turn on. Amazing sensation of floating whilst having sex which can’t be had in any other way . Love hanging up ready to come back to after a night out knowing the fun that awaits. Overall the best accessory to our sex life. Read lessRead less about review stating Simply Amazing


Absolutely everything.

Bottom Line:

Don’t hang around, just buy it and see for yourself.


What’s not to like


Thank you. At the moment we don’t have the option for that. The pole dancing pole drew enough comment that I don’t think we’d get away with the ceiling fixings for a real swing.

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Thanks Knotty. I did have a read of that one before posting, hoping that a year later more people had tried them and had some comfort tips.

Remember most doors open into the room, to hold properly it needs to be on the non opening side so it pulls the door shut, not relying on the door catch or strength of the door, this could be a problem unless you have say a ensuite?

Some people hide the fixings underneath a smoke alarm cover. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been looking at this option. A concealed eyebolt behind a battery smoke alarm would be ideal in our bedroom. :+1:

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The door one we have (Bondage Boutique) is great fun for the suspended partner to assist a good, erm, “wall-banger”(?) but it takes a lot of athleticism to stay up there. And I wouldn’t recommend being there for a long time.
Intimate as hell, yes, but relaxing, I’d say not so much.

It’s way way more relaxing if there’s multiple supports, like a seat & back rest as well as any hands, thighs, & feet loops.

So if you really can’t fix a point in the ceiling, the next best thing would be this

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Evening guys @Ian_Chimp @McGlovin just as a guide we have ours on show its not that noticeable as its only the eyelet fixed into the beam that hangs out and it can always be painted to blend in :ok_hand:

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Your question was about “Over the Door swings”… There are a few things I would take into consideration before strapping your loved one into a contraption such as this. I don’t think the harness and concept that is being sold is in question, likely the architecture and the support of the said loved one. Coming from a bit of a handyman and maybe a bit more of an engineer, consider these things ahead of climbing your naked ass into something like that:

  1. Hollow Core doors - Most interior doors are just that - a shell to give privacy and are glued together with some mediocre reinforcement inside. They are great for closing so no one can see you take a shit or to keep a room dark, to hang a towel bar over the back or a neck tie rack - not great for an adult to hang from.
  2. In my part of the world doors are made of “glit” - glue and shit - basically sawdust pressed together. The screws in the hinges are like 3/8" or 1/2" at the most and are basically strong enough to handle a slam, that is it. Hanging anything more than 15-20 lbs from an interior door will cost you more than the harness to repair and rehang.
  3. Door Casing Pinch - Some hanging methods will also allow you to put a clamp above the door casing which pinches on each side of the wall above the door much like a “jolly jumper” for a baby. This means the door is now open so you better have some privacy. It also means that you need to be prepared for holes in the drywall above the door, or if you don’t tighten it enough, the clamps will rest on the top of the door casing and down comes all the trim and up goes the expense of the experiment. Remember that baseboard or door trim is air nailed on or glued onto the wall which has zero structural support.
  4. The one in the link is a hook and eye concept. Make sure you find a structural wood or steel beam to attach that thing to. Drilling it into the ceiling plaster hoping it will hold will also make for a “difficult-to-explain” repair. It also allows a penetration into your attic which allows humidity into an unheated space and causes mold over time. In Canada, we get “Attic Rain” which means when it is cold, the humidity goes into the attic, forms icicles on the under side of the roof and then when it warms up outside, the ice melts and “rains” onto the insulation inside your attic and forms brown water spots on your drywalled ceiling.

Stick to the chair concept or a corner stand that you can attach the harness to. Even if you are lower to the ground, pillows and small steps can make it fun. Be careful modifying your home just to have to explain to the owner/landlord/visitors/repair crew what happened to the door.

Sorry - just my 2 cents! Couldn’t resist…

Don’t worry, engineer here who studied uniformly distributed load, cantilevers etc at uni. Not dismissing your contribution, more that I fully respect it and appreciate it in a very nerdy way.

True, if uniform and distributed, it is amazing what can happen.

If it is a hollow core interior door with 12 screws into fake wood holding someone off the ground while you have your way with them sexually, that is another matter… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

In suspension, being comfortable for a short time can be easily achieved, where remaining comfortable for more than a few minutes requires a bit more.

So while my wife and I love our over-the-door swing, it’s not a piece of kit either of us would want to be in for a long time. I think of it more as a position aid and support for some fairly athletic, quick and passionate standing up sex, and less of a swing.

A flexible loop constricts whatever is passed through it while suspended, so this puts pressure on the body in a way it’s not really designed for, which can, if left unchecked, lead fairly quickly to fatigue, and eventually restricted circulation & suspension trauma. Obviously most sensible people would just go ‘Ow!’ and get off a swing way before they get to this point.

Now, in industrial roped access work, such as high level window cleaning, the climber will tend to have a rigid ‘bosun’s chair’ (a bit like an adult sized playground swing seat) to support their body weight near their centre of gravity, alongside foot loops with rigid stirrups.
These rigid supports stop the constriction around the body and limbs, and provide additional relief from the constriction of hanging around in a harness. The stirrups provide extra points of support and allow the climber to lift and shift themselves around. It lets the blood flow freely and gives some of the harder working muscles a rest basically.
The climber’s working time in suspension increases from perhaps around ten minutes with just a harness, to maybe a couple of hours.

So in the context of a sex swing, I’d boil down the recipe for comfort to the following rules of thumb;

-More points of support are better.

-Flexible loops are way less comfortable to hang from than rigid supports. In certain places they can also restrict circulation.

-Larger (area) supports are more comfortable than smaller ones.

I rent so I can’t mess with the property at all.

I have contemplated doing a doorframe swing. I would be too woried about the top beam fitting coming loose on the doorframe and inlaws/guests seeing the hook above the doorframe and working out what it’s for.

I want to fit a screw in pull up bar on the door frame and then attach the swing onto the pullup bar. obviously the pull up bar be screwed into the door frame and not friction fit.

The chin up bar can be left in there when not in use and nobody will question it, and when moving I can removing the chinup bar and squirt some decorators caulk and a wipe of gloss paint in the screwholes and the landlord/agent wont even look

Saw this awhile back and thought of this post. As log as it is positioned correctly, I’m sure the landlord wouldn’t mind if you added an extra smoke detector, you know, for safety…:wink: