Packaging Feedback - We need you!

Hello all and happy hump day,

We were wondering if you all had some thoughts on our own brand packaging and was wondering if you may like to add your own feedback in relation to this...

We wish to gather some better insight into your thoughts on our product packaging. We understand that discretion is an important factor for many of you and something we strive for across the envelopes and boxes your items arrive to you in.

However, a lot of our packaging comes with images of the products on the front. Is that something that concerns you?

Are you happy to recycle the cardboard packaging or are you a 'in the bottom of the bin - out of sight' person?

What impression does our packaging give of the Lovehoney brand?

Do you prefer packaging that has a considered design(ie Lovehoney or Thrust) or do you prefer the no-frills approach of brands like Mantric?

When purchasing online. do you expect the same packaging experience that you would receive when shopping in teh high street?

Any further comments about your likes/dislikes about our product packaging are more than welcome too.

Thank you all!

Happy hump day Leanne, I wouldn't have any concerns about the current love honey packaging design but yes we would definitely be a bottom of the bin couple with the packaging so that the neighbours don't see it. As we've already ordered it online there's prob no need to have the picture on the box. I think it would be great to have a discrete lovehoney style of packaging, perhaps solid purple with just the lovehoney heart on the centre of the box. Thanks for chance to contribute

I like the system that is in place now.

I personally wouldnt mind if all the boxes had a little lovehoney heart in the corner but I bet alot of people wouldnt like that, I imagine shared accommodation, or living with parents etc

Spoiler: your postman knows your box is from lovehoney :)

Happy hump day to you too Leanne,

Personally I always find Lovehoney's own brand packaging to be exeptional quality, I recently purchased one of your own brand glass dildo's and was amazed at how well it was packaged, it came beautifully presented in a Lovehoney brand box with a tasteful picture on the front and inside the box the dildo was wrapped in a beautiful black velvet storage bag and encased in foam to protect it. And the quality of the packaging on Lovehoney's desire range is really tasteful, it looks and feels really high quality, personally I don't mind seeing a picture of what's inside the box. I have 3 Lelo toys and 2 of them have plain boxes, no windows in them, the 3rd toy has a box with a window on the front, I do still store the toys in their boxes rather than the storage bags that came with them. Maybe it's more of a problem for anyone with prying youngsters around the house if there are images on the boxes, for me it's not an issue. As far as the postage envelopes and boxes that Lovehoney use are concerned, I think they're pretty discreet, the postie probably knows where the parcel has come from, but that does'nt matter. I think Lovehoney's lingerie packaging is pretty tasteful too, I think all of your own brand packaging is really good, it's classy and does'nt look cheap, it's easily recyclable. I also think that I get a better packaging experience when I purchase something from Lovehoney than what I ever get on the high street.

Have a lovely day Leanne.![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)xx

I am going to start this by saying that I live with just my partner so once the package has been delivered, discretion isn't much of an issue. If I am putting cardboard on for recycling and I think it could be seen, I tend to tuck it inside another box or fold it inside out.

I really like Lovehoney's packaging. There is some really awful sex toy packaging still out there so anything that doesn't have essentially pornographic imagery on it is a win. But I really like the simplicity of Lovehoney's packaging. it kind of reminds me of the sort of box you get homeware in. Which to me kind of normalises sex toys, which I think is a good thing. I do like the Mantric design, but I do think too much plain packaging does kind of suggest sex toys are something shameful or something that should be hidden away and not discussed.

As for online vs high street, I do expect the same packaging experience. To me, the packaging is my first impression of a product, so if the packaging is crummy, thats going to potentially cloud my view of the toy. Although, I can understand (and support) an online company feeling that packaging that shows the actual toy through a window in the box (like Lelo) is a bit of a waste of time.

Afternoon Leanne. We really like the Lovehoney own-brand packaging, it's attractive, glossy and distinctive. In terms of disposal, all sexy toy and lingerie cardboard packaging in this house tends to get torn into little pieces and scattered in the recycling bin, but I think that's probably quite normal.

I mean, if something happens when the bins go out and randomly there's a beaded glass dildo box out in the middle of the street, that would be a bad day. We're not at all shy about things like that, but talking about it with friends is definitely not the same as the neighbours knowing what we get up to privately.

Pictures on the box are good, always nice to have a little preview, especially if it's a surprise purchase for OH.

I think the Lovehoney packaging gives your company a sleek, stylish look, and it's broad enough to cover a range of toys, outfits and underwear.


Hey Leanne and happy hump day! Then packaging is fine and is discreet as it will ever be. Some brands do plaster a huge dong on the front and branding which really does show a sex toy is within the box. But lovehoney is discreet, easy to dispose of and we have never had any issues. Bagged toys are easier to open and dispose of but at the same time you have to think about transport and it’s just unlogical to go down that route. So from our perspective I would keep everything as it was, unless you change the toys to silhouettes instead of a photo of the product. This adds an element of discretion.

Hi Leane We have no concerns with how the Lovehoney boxes are branded or that they have images on the outside of what is inside. The most important thing is that all packaging is reusable or recyclable. We do like the clean, sleek looking packaging that the likes of the mantric toys come in but that’s a purely aesthetic thing.

Hi Leanne The packaging at present is good just plain cardboard is really suitable as for internal packaging we personally just dump in bin it doesn’t interest us but the plain no logo outer packaging is a must it’s very discreet. Scott

I am happy with the packaging. Anything that is recyclable gets recycled no matter what’s on the box.

Plain packaging for me definitely. I do put the boxes in the bottom of the recycling bin and sometimes inside another box.

I personally would prefer the option of ‘picture/text free’ packaging. We live in a multigenerational household and the oldies love sorting the rubbish/recycling and just don’t understand these things!

Yep I'm another one who doesn't care what the recycling people see in my bins! I'm satisfied with the packaging as it is, think it's about as discreet as it can be. You can always shove it inside another box if you're concerned about it seen.

I love the descrete little brown boxes that you ship out all products in. If I'm honest as well, I'd prefer the item packaging to be plain and simple. I don't mean brown and dull but non descript and vibrant colours. Boxes or packaging would need to be varied and different across sizes and items so as not to be distinguishing or unique. I have many a time had to bundle up packaging inside other boxes or hide them in main waste just in case the neighbours get a glimpse. We have a common collection point and Im not overly keen on other people knowing my spending habits. In a slight other note, when items are sent via royal mail, I don't like the fact when signing for items on a digital pad that you can see the item has been shipped by **REMOVED SECRET PHRASE** . More often than not, the wife takes in the mail and it makes it rather difficult to hide surprises when she's seen I've been spending. Could there be another way of hiding the sender information?

Hi Leanne, we very much appreciate the subtle and discrete packaging that Lovehoney uses for posting. When its a bulky toy being delivered, the sturdy cardboard box is so strong, we undo it carefully, just in case we have to send something back. If an item has colourful inner wrapping, it isn't a problem, as it just gets buried in the recycling bin. The postman who delivers bulky items always smiles, he knows the box is from L/H!

I have no real complaints with the LH packaging as they are simple and tasteful. However, because they have the product displayed on them I do have to tear them up and put them in the bin.

I'll only keep the more plain or subtle boxes like the Mantric ones. My Fifty Shades steel butt plug came in a lovely jewelery style box so I kept it to store other things inside even though I'm not interested in the books/movies. I like recycling things in that way.

It's probably just me, but I'm not too keen on the packaging that has a man and woman on it getting all hot and steamy like the Tracey Cox or Red Hot Flickering tongue one. These toys can be used by anyone; single, couple, straight, gay, etc. So I think keeping the toy packaging simple and neutral is best.

Hi Leanne, we are fine with the packaging, we don't mind seeing the product on the outer packaging, or ways in which it can be used. We do recycle it all, we just fold down and place into other larger boxes and pop it all in our recycling bin. Do like the lovehoney heart idea as just a main large symbol on all items. Happy Hump Day. X

Hi Leanne, I think the discreet packaging LH use to pack the toys in is just fine. It's sturdy and plain. Me and my OH often joke about the fact that there does seem to be something about the LH delivery packing boxes that makes them different to other brown boxes, so if you know, then you know haha! In reality it's just because WE know what's in the box, so it puts a cheeky grin on our faces haha! I like the fact that there is literally no way of telling what the package contains, unless they're familiar with the returns address, and if that's the case then they're hardly going to be judging us!

I really like the lovehoney toy packaging. I've often thought how nice it is, because it does just what I need it to. It's clear and clean looking, has a nice picture of the toy and any necessary details. It's not too over the top and doesn't have any distasteful images on. I can't fault it really.

As for recycling the boxes, I am discreet about it especially when we did a larger order and had lots of boxes to get rid of all at once. Saying that we've laughed at the thought of the bin men catching a glimpse as the bin tips up!

No complaints from me, keep up the good work!

I have to be honest I love the Mantric box with there logo on and would love it if you followed that style as it's online you don't need the shiny packaging and it dose help with been discreet and let's be honest it will be cheaper and better for the environment as well. however I would not recommend using the internal foam like Mantric that can't be recycled in a lot of places yet and would swap this for a internal card support for the toy.

However, a lot of our packaging comes with images of the products on the front. Is that something that concerns you? - It does sometimes concern me with having children in the house. Especially nosy 9yr olds.

Are you happy to recycle the cardboard packaging or are you a 'in the bottom of the bin - out of sight' person? - I’ll be honest we don’t always recycle them, our recycling is an open box so my neighbors etc could see. We do sometimes in fact thinking about it mostly flatten them and keep them in our room and if we are doing a sort out (which seems like every week lol) we will take them to the recycling centre in bin bags but then hubby empties into the cardboard area.

What impression does our packaging give of the Lovehoney brand? - Honestly.. I really like most of the packaging, I love the clean look of the crisp white against the simple images & writing. it feels like a high end product. I’ve not had anything from the desire range yet so can’t comment on that. The basics / Oh range is good too, I’m not keen on the plastic packaging that some of the basic butt plugs etc come in as I really don’t like plastic packaging. Not sure if you want feedback on the Annabelle range but I love the luxurious look of it. However I do feel it’s aimed just at women

Do you prefer packaging that has a considered design(ie Lovehoney or Thrust) or do you prefer the no-frills approach of brands like Mantric? -Agsin being fully honest, I fo think the Mantric packaging is excellent I really do like it. Do I prefer it to the main LH packaging?? I really don’t know

When purchasing online. do you expect the same packaging experience that you would receive when shopping in teh high street? -Yes, however I don’t like unnecessary packaging

Hope you & bump are doing well x