Partner losing erection during sex

Sorry if this has been posted before i did search and couldn't find anything, anyway recently when me and my partner have been getting intimate he will lose his erection mid way thru as this sort of kills the mood I have asked him about it and he said he's never noticed is he maybe abit hurt or embarrassed I have asked him about it and is there anything we can do? Any advice appreciated thank you x

Hi this somtimes happens to me and its often when im stressed about something ( normally work ) if he can get an erection in the first place i would suggest there is no phisical problem he may just be worried about something ( us blokes are crap at discussing our feelings ) x

This started to happen to me and it got me quite depressed. Eventually I went to my GP and, after a blood test, it turned out that my testosterone level was well below the minimum of the 'normal' range.

He prescribed a hormone replacement gel and also, God bless him, sildanafel (viagra) which restored my confidence and overcame the mental fear of failure which had developed and had become a large part of the problem.

Thank you I have spoke to him about things n he swears he's not stressed etc I feel bad because when hes losing it I can't feel a thing so I have to fake it 😔

Rachlou88 wrote:

Thank you I have spoke to him about things n he swears he's not stressed etc I feel bad because when hes losing it I can't feel a thing so I have to fake it 😔

I'd be careful about faking it. You could really do some damage to the basic trust of your relationship. It's much better to be as understanding and supportive as you can. 👍

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Why not buy him a cock Ring. They look great and a vibrating one gives you new sensations. The constricting of his cock by the ring will help him keep his erection as will the feel of it vibrating.

We have vibrating cock rings but he doesn't like to wear them much and also they don't really help much to be honest and to answer scoob it's been going on a few months now I have spoke to him and he said he's never noticed I tried being supportive but he just dismisses it

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No he can climax and foreplay he is the same he can be fully erect when we start then half way thru he loses it I don't want keep bringing it up with him as its obvious he doesn't see anything wrong but I know there is I just don't no what else I can do I've even asked if it's my fault n he's saying no definetely not

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Not as much as usual as we're not intimate as much as we were at first

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Does his erection come back for sex or has it gone completely? Could it be something as simple as just the same old routine? Are you doing the same thing every time you foreplay before sex? I know this has happened to me, but as soon as we do something a bit different it comes straight back, maybe just trying to vary your foreplay or even new things might keep him up! From my experience it definitely wasn't my OH it was just the familiarity of knowing what was going to happen.

Sometimes it does n sometimes it doesn't and no we always do things different we never have the same routine I'll speak to him again when I see him x

I also think that the two of you should talk more about it. Be understanding, supportive andaffirmative (so as to not hurt his ego or price, men are quite sensitive) and try to sort it out. Only he knows what's going on, so if he lets you know then you can both work on it! Best of luck =)

Thanks for the advice it's just difficult when he doesn't open up about it or he sees there's nothing wrong

Agree with lots of the above. Faking will result in either him thinking it's not an issue as you appear to be satisfied or him realising you are faking which can't be good for his ego. Is he feeling under pressure to "perform" may be? Willy stage fright?

I have no idea I've spoke to him but he keeps dismissing it saying he's never noticed then changes the subject I feel I have upset him by mentioning it 😔

When you say that he loses his erection do you mean that he goes completely flaccid? Or do you mean that it doesn't feel as hard to you as the session goes on? You've said that he hasn't noticed the issue, but if it was the first then it'd be very difficult to not notice. And you've also said that he can finish, and if he's lost his erection then that would be quite tricky too (though not impossible).

If it's the latter then it may be that he's hard enough but it's not touching you in the right places the more aroused you get. You could try some different positions at that point to see if any work better for you. You could also try squeezing him with your pelvic floor muscles to see if that gives him an extra twinge.