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Hello and welcome to the Lovehoney forum! It’s a friendly place where adults can discuss sex and sex toys with like-minded people… Without perv alarms going off. The Lovehoney Forum is not a site for dating, hook-ups or cybersexing.

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It’s good forum etiquette to see if topics you want to discuss have been posted recently. At the top of the page, to the right in the search button.

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A great place to start is the Introduce Yourself forum. To start a new thread, click the ‘New Topic’ button (at the top of the recently posted threads). Give your thread a title, select a category, write a message, and post!

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The ‘Flag’ button can be used by forum members to alert the moderators to posts or threads that break the rules. It can be found at the bottom of every post or thread, just click the dots to see all options (see picture below).

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