Penis piercing


I am thinking of getting a frenum piercing and wanted to know if anyone has one and how they find the whole experience of having one does it increase sexual pleasure for both him and her how long did you have to abstain when having piercing and what is the best jewellery to have to pleasure your other half and any other information would be very much appreciated

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Are you sure you mean ‘frenum’ and if so, which one. Apparently we’ve got a few!

I can’t speak from experience and please forgive me if I’m off beam here but it’s location doesn’t automatically shout ‘sexual pleasure’ or that a piercing means abstaining from anything other than a hot cup of tea for a week or two!

Either way good luck, sounds painful :tired_face:

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Is this like a Prince Albert piercing? Or are we talking somewhere else entirely?

Your frenum (also called frenulum) is the little piece of tissue that connects your cheeks, tongue or lips to your gum area .

Everydays a school day :rofl:

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Exactly as @SexySmoggy says, some are rings through just the thin frenum that connects the penis head to shaft, others are bars that go further across the skin, you can add more down the shaft and creat a frenum ladder.

A frenum piercing is a type of body piercing located on the underside of the shaft of the penis

Are you talking about piercing just the skin connecting the glans to the shaft of the penis or doing something like a “Devil’s ladder” down the shaft?

Personally I generally have a larger glans ring in the piercing so it all depends on whether your partner feels comfortable with a glans ring (easy way to try is to buy a non-piercing glans ring and try it, see if you or your partner like it). In my experience some do and some don’t.
Personally I couldn’t imagine having a bar or ring through that small bit of skin and having penetrative sex but of course for everyday wear it is up to you how you want to look.
If it is further down the shaft as a ladder then from videos it seems to be straight bars or curved bars are generally used.
As for the actual piercing itself, for me there was a fair amount of blood, no real pain and if you have foreskin the bar is kept covered (except for cleaning) so doesn’t get caught by anything. Healing time before sex seems to be variable. If you can masturbate without pain then … What does seem to be agreed is to wear a condom each time you have sex. for sometime after.
There is plenty out there on the web but of course have a chat with an experienced piercer and they will be able to guide you.
Also another thing to consider, if you do want to get a Prince Albert later then placement of the Frenum piercing could be an issue.

Yeah i am thinking about getting more piercings done if this one goes ok and yeah you can get more piercings like a ladder but I am starting near the the head of the penis.

I just wanted to know both male and female experiences with penis piercings


I have one and wear either a ring or bar. Over time you can increase the diameter of the piercing and I will use upto a 3mm diameter if Im wearing the heavier / larger ones. For me personally, it adds to the feeling and I think it looks good too. My wife doesnt care either way so I’ll ssume it doesnt do much for her although she did seem to be more enthusiastic during sex for the first month of testing it out. The initial healing time was about 3 weeks but took about 6 months before it didnt bother me during sleep if I got an erection or was sleeping on my front.

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Just reading the title brings a tear to my eye​:grimacing:


Bit like when a woman in labour hears the word episiotomy and sees those scissors catch the light as they approach your vaginal opening…


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Bring a tear to a statue​:thinking:

Where do you buy your jewellery from I suppose the bigger the bar and ball diameter the more they would feel it I guess

So I only went and got it down yesterday was very straightforward I have had no pain and no bleeding and me and my other half love it hopefully get to try it out soon and see if she can feel it and gives us any sexual benefits

I would post a pic but unsure of rules of genital pics on site

Google Body jewellery shop for anything you need?

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Don’t think it is against the LH rules as they don’t sell this stuff, I use Crazy Factory, Bodyjewellery and PiercingMania.
All reliable, all have a wide range.
Not sure what piercing you ended up going for but there should be something there to suit

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There are quite a few online shops and ebay is always a goid place to find sellers. I’ve bought from various places . If you can, always get the internally threaded jewellery and not the external threaded as its far kinder to the piercing during the first months if you are changing it



Thanks all went for a frenum penis piercing so far play sailing no issues at all looking forward to using it and trying different jewellery looking for an orbital ring with ball on to go through piercing

Don’t know what gauge you went for but leave it unchanged for as long as possible (in my opinion) certainly well after it has stopped hurting and oozing.
Your piercer will have given you some advice but everyone has different opinions and also everyone’s bodies heal differently


Yeah I am going to keep this in till fully healed and then maybe able to experiment a bit with different jewellery if anyone has any sex positions that will help utilities my piercing better for my OH will be welcome to hear your thoughts