Penis piercings

A big yes or a hard pass?
what’s good about them?
What’s not?

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To what purpose tho

Who sees it?

Intercourse - does it add pleasure to either partner?

100% no from me - sorry but looks painfully and think if you caught it in something :confounded:

Painful yes, but only for the first few seconds and a dull pain for the next week or so.

Who sees it - whoever sees your penis. But like with most body mods (tattoos etc) it’s not about being there for other people, it’s because you the wearer likes it.

It adds sensation for the partner certainly. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes bad. It depends on mood, size and position.

For the wearer likewise, there is an added sensation of the piercing.


Just the through of it makes my cock disappear inside. But apart from that it’s a no from me.


No way is anyone gonna do anything to my penis. I saw one guy with his foreskin pierced. That looked so painful!!

Hard pass

Actually had one done about 10 years ago, the actual process of piercing wasn’t painful and all was good from the start for about 3 weeks, then for me personally thats where it all went wrong!! After being really happy that is sat comfortable and was healing well it start to get irritated, although no infection, went back to the piercer who explained my body was probably rejecting it and it was growing out, told me if I didn’t take it out soon I could possible end up with a meatotomy!!

I don’t have a penis piercing but one that is very close. Any body mod has to be something you are truly interested in having done. It’s not like buying a new toy. The three piercings I had done I thought about for over a year each time. Was I interested when aroused, not aroused, happy, down, had a few drinks, having coffee, etc. If I found I was consistently interested I had it done. Hurts like a b**** for less than two seconds, burns for a week or two, a little sore for a month or so. All good after that. 8+ months later you can start increasing the size if that is of interest. The piercing and location is totally based on your own interest. Piercings, unlike tattoos, can be reversed. If you change your mind later on just remove the jewelry and it will heal over leaving a small scar that only you would notice.

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It was fun at first but then it made me sore and felt like he was going to pull my innards out, so it’s not for me.

For me it’s just jewellery , like an ear ring or belly piercing,the pain is temporary but the look of silverware down there really works for me

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Hi everyone I’ve got one I’ve had it about 20 years everyone that’s seen it think’s it looks amazing but for some reason it seems to scare people. I’ve had a couple of women that said it’s coming nowhere near them so I’ve had to whip it out but the others after getting over the shock of seeing it have loved it.

My guy says no way, even though I have a clit hood piercing. It was a gift from my swop buddy and whilst a surprise at the time, I now love it and it does add to my enjoyment.

It’s a big yes from me, probably because my husband has one, a Prince Albert, but I also do like the look of them generally on a penis. He wanted one and got it done in his late 20’s so has had it about 15 years. He has had a large ring in it for a while now and it goes inside me no problem and has not caused any issues.

It definitely adds something for me as I can feel it and he says for him it makes things a bit more sensitive and he likes the feeling of extra weight on his penis.


I’ve recently been talking with a guy who’s had his done twice, both differently, and he said it was mega ouch and healing but he likes how it looks… needless to say he can also take out and put back in.
Oddly I’ve found myself fascinated by it and kinda wanna poke it in real life :joy:

Im happy with my PA with a 12mm thick ring in, i really wanted a reverse pa but chickened out

IMO if there isn’t a hole there to start with, there really shouldn’t be, but to reach their own.

Having said that, I am intrigued by the idea of a PA, purely for use in an escape-proof chastity cage. Other than that, I like my equipment “as-is.”

Pardon the pun but have a firm decission about it. Don’t proceed on a whim.

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I’ll pass. :sob:

Wife mentioned it recently, most of the reading says it increases pleasure to the female, so originally I would have said no way, but the more I think about it, the more intrigued I am. Two little ones in the house tho and we still shower with them and walk around Naked , so I need to Wait until there a little older and won’t see it. Still nervous tho, they look painful lol.