has anyone got any piercings of a naughty nature??? It got me wandering cos a girl i work with has her twinkle pierced!!! I have my tongue pierced, but thats about it!

yep, pierced nipples (both of us) really increases the sensitivity, especially for her.

I have a prince albert.Mrs Kuni wants me to remove it,but I'm finding it very hard to....

Wow Kunni,
Now there's a dilemma and no mistake, your butternut picture or your cock with the Prince Albert!!! No chance of a private showing..... or is there!!!

had a PA but gave in to pressure and took it out, miss it very much - don't give in Kuni - keep it or you will regret it later!

Oargh. Don't think I could get my member pierced.
Not a fan of needles, the feeling of them in my skin makes me pass out.
Getting my next tattoo soon though.

Oh i would love my guy to get his guy pierced! Doubt thats going happen but I'm getting my clit pierced v.soon, I can't wait! Got my nipple pierced and a few other things (tongue lip etc) I think piercings are easier to handle than tattoos!

i couldnt get a piercing myself, im too much of a wimp but i have a friend who has his tongue pierced and i just cant help wondering what it would feel like if he went down on me! would it be pleasureable or just uncomfortable?! unfortunately, im never gonna get chance to find out unless i can persuade my OH to get his tongue done!

Piercings don't seem to want to stay in me. Since I hit 18 and had my tattoo done they just go septic and heal up. Sux. Mind you, genital and nipple piercings freak me out (can acccept male nipple piercings, but in general no). Would much prefer the bloke to get a tattoo. They're sexy. Getting my second done either this summer or next.

I'm getting another in a couple of weeks.
Just need to finish off the design.

No naughty piercings.
I do have 2 lip piercings, 13 ear piercings and 5 tattoos. Bit of advice for anyone considering lip piercings. Wear soft plastic studs if your gonna give a guy oral. I'm told the flat metal side studs on the inside don't feel nice... ^_^;;

No naughty piercings I'm afraid, I'm too much of a wimp!! My nipples aren't very sensitive anyway though cos my boobs are big, so perhaps it would increase sensitivity.

I'd love to get my clit pierced, but as I said I'm too scared, and I've heard it reduces sensitivity... given my clit is a lazy mare anyway I may as well not bother, I'd never enjoy sex or masturbation again, LOL.

Not been with a guy with a pierced tongue, though I'd like to. And the only pierced willy I've seen was on a stripper!! I think I'd be paranoid about it being inside me, can you actually feel it girls??

I have my nipples pierced and some tattoos in my pants. Should of seen the guys face when I told him where I wanted them stamping ;p Had my pants down nearly to where my slit starts and the room sure was warm and the vibrations.

I knew a guy with 2 PAs and he said that they hurt some of the women he was with so he took em out, guess it varies.

just ears, belly and tongue

Just my belly, though I would love to see what it was like if I wasnt such a chicken!

Wondered if any of you would advise on genital piercing for men....I had my nipples pierced this week and loved it, very painful, feels great now though. Thinking of getting some 'down there' and girls, which ones are the best on a man for your pleasure?

I have been contemplating getting a PA too. The idea would be to use a ring through the piercing to attach to a chain via a small padlock, so that full erections would be impossible unless unlocked.

Has anyone had any experience of this kind of function applied to a male genital piercing? It occurs to me that the bottom of the chain would have to be attached to something else, either another piercing, or perhaps to a permanently attached cock ring?

Is a PA the best kind of piercing for this kind of purpose?

Mrs Strapon is planning on getting her clit pierced! We've talked about it and we both want it to be done, but we need to go and take the initiative and just go and do it! Will let you all know when we do! x

I don't have any!

I have always though about getting my lip done. The far left part of my bottom lip, ring in it :P

I do like pircings and if done tastefully & conservatively, less is more in my humble opinion, like Tats. I'm not too struck when there's a face full or six on each 'lady lip'.

It fascinates me in a strange way, those extreme guys who screw in the spikes or you can fit your cock through their ear lobes are trippy. They freak me out but I'm so amazed when I see them.

I'm a bit of a hypocryte when it comes to piercings, I find them very sexy on women but no way would I ever get anything of mine done. I'm not that brave.

Respect to all you who have the sexy piercings. Those with the extreme stuff... rock on!