Plus size lingerie?

Anyone know any good sites for plus size lingerie?
I'm tired of only having frumpy unsexy undies.
When I do find nice stuff its usually only up to size 16 panties. I did find some nice stuff in ann summers, the panties where the right size, but only had one E cup bra and it was so flimsy there was absolutly no support.
Am I doomed to wear frumpy extra support bras forever?

Have a look at they've got a good choice although rarely have the matching knickers in larger sizes.

I love M&S... Like, they rarely have anything super-sexy, but they've lots of lovely pretty stuff for day-to-day wear. I absolutely hate wearing disgusting enormous beige things that are really unattractive... makes me feel really unsexy.

Site-wise, I think happycamper's right... Figleaves is your best bet!

I have the same trouble I'm a 42DD/E and I've found over the (many) years M&S have proved out and out winners, they make me look supported without looking scaffolded and sexy without looking ridiculous. I have found in the past I either looked a frump / nursing mother or a very poor relation of Dolly Parton (here's my boobs my arse is coming). As for the panties they nearly always have them to match the bras especially their collections range and oh so pretty. I always say we larger ladies should be catered for better as we're a bigger canvass to show off their wares off on.

Sorry scrap that last off (monday morning) lol.

Exactly!! Surely bigger boobs are the ideal? Why don't we have the pretty packaging to show them off in?!

And M&S is one of the few stores to get it right as regards bigger sizes... they tend to have different styles of undies to match the bras (thong, french knickers, shorts) to cater for what kind you're most comfortable in - unlike most places, who think that all plus-size women are happy flaunting their wobbly bits in a bump and lump-creating g-string!! (I do love thongs, but some of them are really just not a good look on bigger bums!)

I could go on a rant here about Evans and their new Boudoir range, but I won't unless anyone's interested - suffice to say that it was SO badly fitting that I think it may have been designed by men who'd never seen or felt a woman in their entire lives, never mind a plus-size one. Honestly.

I find with Evans' My boobs always look the same (overly flattened) in their bras no matter what style I'm wearing, and, as for their sizes forget it, I have to buy depending on style anything between a 38D and a 46B (I'm a 42DD/E), we need to enhance our boobs not flatten them as all it does (on me) is make them into shapeless lumps. Come on lingerie designers us bigger girls like to feel SEXY & FEMININE too you know!!! Perfect for me is M&S Truly You Gabrielle sooooooooo me!!!!

OOOOOO I've just spotted they do a new range of colours and styles in the knicks too, off to M&S on-line!!!!

Hey shellyboo, just found some of your sort of knicks in the range all-sorts of styles in the same fabric to choose from depending on what you like. I'm personally not into G-strings and thongs as I feel it just makes me look ridiculous at my age, height and shape, but, put my bum into a nice pair of high legs, french knickers or shorts and it looks much nicer and more (don't laugh) comfortable.

I'm not laughing, it's all about the comfort! Hard to be sexy when you've got elastic digging into your nether regions.

Off I go to the M&S website... I DO need some new undies...

*frantically tries to block out the amount of money she spent on lingerie last month*

How did you get on my friend? Ive ordered £150 worth!!!!! Oh well it's hard to make up your mind at my age LOL.

I probably can't order online, I doubt they deliver in Ireland. I'll just go to M&S... I like to try them on cos some of them do weird things to my boobs :)

I did see some LOVELY things though! Roll on payday!

For the sake of being bored at work... WANTSIES

Wantsies in black...

And in English please LOL!!! I'm not terribly good at computer stuff LOL.

Lol :) Sorry!

I love the Ceriso Satin Spot Print Bra, and the Per Una Essentials DD-G Lace Non-Padded Bra in black.

Perhaps will consult the new fella on his preference before I purchase, however.

I can't find a longer length corset. I find them all too short. It's my belly I want covering and they all seem to stop half way along said flabby bit. Any ideas anyone?

That's what I worry about with corsets, too...

HappyCamper, you want the goss?!

Well, FIRST of all, previous fella IMed me for the first time since we broke up this morning... we had a lovely chat where he was all "I can't believe you don't have a new man" and I was like, eh, I do and THEN he was all "Didn't take you long to get over me, then". Thus proving why I broke up with him. Ass.

The new man is YUMMY and a pilot. Yes... a pilot. He's 31, separated, two kids. But mostly he's yummy. And he's quite inexperienced - I'm the only girl he's slept with apart from his ex-wife. Scary stuff, but it does mean I'm the best sex he's ever had, mwhahahaha!

So he's lovely and all, but I need to take him out of his shell... he's a bit vanilla. All respectful and stuff - was shocked and a bit horrified when he gave me a playful smack on the arse and I told him he'd have to do it harder if he wanted to get me wet ;)

Steady Teddy LOL. You'll corrupt him within the week LOL.

Lol, yeah, if I manage to get the house to myself some night I'll show him a thing or two. It's hard to be filthy when you know your housemates are listening!

LOL at the "do it harder" bit Shelly! To be fair, you might as well say it now rather than later - there are lots of things you can work through in a relationship but I think if a guy couldn't spank me, it could be a deal-breaker...... terrible thing to say I know! But I think it would be!

It's funny you have trouble finding large cup sizes, I have trouble finding smaller ones! I'm roughly A/B cup, but band size 42 - at least. So for sexy undies I end up getting things which aren't bras, but which are small vests, chemises etc. It's crap =(

I find that Evans do very pretty panties, but the bras are horrible. (Also they don't do a small enough cup size for me) M&S are OK.

I'm trying to contribute with a website - they are harder to find than you'd think, I must say - this place looks like it could be good:

I'm assuming you are looking for just sexy undies you can wear every day - rather than the type of thing they have on Lovehoney - because Lovehoney actually have quite a nice selection now!