Poll: What Underwear Do/Should Men Wear?

Loads of people have asked this same question, however I want to collect some real statisitcs, percentages, equations - All the sciency stuff. So I ask you the following question...

MEN: What Underwear Do You Wear The Most? (Boxers, briefs, thongs, Jockstraps etc)

LADIES: What Type of Underwear do You Prefer on Men?

Please include wether you're male or female, and you're age!

I'll give it a day or so and comment my findings below, with some interesting stats I hope!


MALE, 18: Briefs.

I also wear a lot of Thongs, and a few boxers & jockstraps too. Briefs are my main though.

Male, 39, thongs Jockstraps as well. But thongs is the main

Male- 31- boxers.

Male 30 boxers

Female, 32 - I've never really thought about it before. My husband generally wears boxers, I like the looseness of the boxers if I decide to slip my hand in randomly. But I guess briefs actually look better on.

I only wear thongs and my man goes commando

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Husband is 38, only wears boxers. Me, I'm not really fussed what undies a man is wearing, as long as there are not falling to bits.

Male 51. Briefs/YFronts (boxers in bed)

Boxers for me

My husband is late 30s and wears only thongs.

I'm mid 30s and I encouraged him to wear only thongs. He wore other pants which I persuaded him to dispose of shortly after we got together.

Absolutely hate thongs on me and my OH! They do nothing for me, I only wear hipsters, I prefer the tight and held in place feel than everything just flopping around! Ive had my kids and the chop so not got to worry about supposed damage tight underwear is supposed to do to fertility!!🤣🤣🤣

Start again

m 18. White Calvin boxers mostly

Male 50 - boxers, but experimenting with something more sexy from LH which will hopefully arrive tomorrow!

Male 38 - Boxers all the time.

Answering for my boyfriend, male, 26 used to be briefs but now mainly thongs.

Me, I like most, probably small briefs are my favorite to look at but I quite like his thongs also.

M, 26, growing up it was mainly tight fitted shorts but know, and I don't go advertising it to the world, I like to wear thongs most of the time.

My partner is a boxers kinda guy. He’s 23.

Male , 60 . I have always worn briefs for support and comfort . In the last 20 or so years , more and more thongs . Now I wear thongs alomst exclusivly , except in real cold temperatures and most motorcycle riding . Think the "look" of men having their underwear showing above their pants looks sloppy and stupid , but often displayed by wearing the 80s rapper look where the crotch of their pants is down to their knees .