Popping her anal cherry

With my girlfriend sucking my rock hard member to a red throbbing pole of delight, I threw her round to see her tight virgin ass. With a couple drops of French Silk rubbed round my fore fingers I "eased" them into her little bum hole. After a few minutes of relaxing and reassuring it was time for me to try the "big one"
My partner rubbed a blob of lube up and down my cock, and took a deep breath as she knelt, head buried in the pillow. I pushed my penis deep into her ass with only a few strokes - as she let out a small cry. After a couple minutes I rolled her over, now face up, with a smile of pleasure across her face, I rammed it all in again..and again...and again...needless to say we both ended up totally satisfied and my partner had the added bonus of popping her anal cherry!

My first time with anal was similarly satisfying, it blows my mind how much I enjoyed it (and still do) when actually I've had rather bad experiences with anal before. For me, no toy feels quite as good as full-on anal sex.. what startled me was how much I hungered for more and started pushing back on him!

I encourage all anal sex beginners to give it a go!

so the horor story of "OMG i wanted to die it felt like a reverse turd was trying to kill me" doesnt apply to everyone then? heh

LOL. The image of a "reverse turd" is too funny for words. Makes Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo seem rather tame...

Hi, my partner has a strap on. She likes me to sit on it with me on top. Facing her l stroke my rock hard cock until my load spurts across her chest and face. My only problem is that after three bangs the dildo isn't big enough to fill me, l am currently looking for something bigger out there, any clues anyone? For those of you out there thinking what a selfish sod then rest assured she doesn't miss out !!!!!

O A sex chimp you just crack us up at times you just have to meet mr and mrs sexybeast at sometime even if its only to piss ourselves laughing

TallBoy - I think I may have found a challenge for you!

They say its the biggest dildo they have ever seen!

LOL, thanks Sexy Beast. :-)

If you're looking for an enormo vibe, Super William will fit the bill: http://www.orgasmarmy.com/dildos/super-william-giant-dildo/reviews.aspx

I would *love* to read a review of that...!

They're going to have to rename that Smiths song: "William it was really something..."

I remember wincing as i first inserted a highlighter up my arse at highschool, to think my Dick rambone dildo arrived today... ;)(im now at uni!)

ROFL! I saw that Super William on Sex Toy Insider and almost peed myself laughing when I saw it compared to the reaver from Starcraft. :)

I can't imagine how *anyone* is going to get that thing inside *anywhere*...and I'm not sure I *want* to imagine it, LOL.

Hi Capt,
Would you believe it but l have in fact bought one of these. Funny how the mental image of ramming such an item up oneself fails to quite live upto expectations. The item is simply ginormous, and currently occupies a compartment in one side of my wardrobe. To be honest it looks as though it should be covered wth oil !!!!!fnarrr fnarrr and set upon an altar in an Indiana Jones movie, sort of an initiation rite of passage for any would be new kids on the block.... all could watch while pressure is brought to bear. It is truly a monster, before l paint it white and use it as a doorstop would you fancy having a go ???? Speak soon Handles xxx

Oops cancel last, should have checked the hyper link first, l have the Super Victor Giant, still hardly any less intimidating. The one you spotted appears to have suffered a malfunction during the casting process, perhaps you could buy two and use them as nipple ornaments, or perhaps earrings !!

"OMG i wanted to die it felt like a reverse turd was trying to kill me"

That has to be post of the year! Reverse turd, that made me laugh! And someone should make a mr hanky anal sex toy, it's got the right sort of shape! LOL

And someone actually has one of the mega dildos! The size of those things look shocking. I'm not sure "eyes bigger than your belly" are suitable here, more like "eyes bigger than that things bel end". LOL

I love anal ever since I lost my ass cherry when i was 17 yrs old. Anal sex beginners shouldn't be scared!

have you guys seen this one>> Target Practice Vinyl 14cm B-51 Butt Plug I's on amazon.co.uk
I saw it earier and wondered why some one would ever want to use that in a serious mana, but its quite apparent that a few of you do!! I'm a bit new to the whole bum thing... so I think maybe I will wait a while before I think about useing any of these massive things... I'm very happy with mi pink bum beads and small but plugs :P

I soooo want to use a strap-on on my boyfriend! But he's so damn straight that doesn't even want to think about it!Does making love to him with a strap-on while he's sleeping count as molestation?:-P Anyways he still "abuses" my back door every time... :-S

Hi anyone around?

after reading comments on this site, ive finally decided to give it ago, me and my parter have brought some anal jelly off love honey and will be testing it out wen it gets here, so.....any tips for 1st time anal sex????

I thought my partner would be too straight laced to try "bum love" but i got him drunk one night tried now hes the one shopping for a strap on for me to wear!!!

Too bad you aren't in Northern California...would let you use the strap on anytime...he doesn't know what he is missing