Position of the Week - Vote for the Winner!

Every name for this topic I could think of sounded like another possible title for a Position of the Week. :slightly_smiling_face: But… this is the topic that pits one position against another, and lets the forum decide the favourite.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have actually tried the position to cast your vote, you can judge it based just on the image (or the fuller descriptions below). And if you do end up trying it, or someone says something in the comments that changes your mind, then you can change your vote (while the poll is open). :slightly_smiling_face:

The winner will then be paired up with a new challenger to duke it out all over again. Our resident forum helper Discobot will decide the challenger, and the winner stays on for as long as they can last. :slightly_smiling_face:

:bell: Round 1 :bell:

First up we have a position back from September 2018 up against one from May 2020:

Which will win? You decide. :slightly_smiling_face:
(Winner: Grip it Good. Go to: Round Two)


(You can click on the arrow in each quote header to expand them for the full info, and if you click on the image when expanded you can see it full size)


And the winner is… :drum::drum::drum:

Grip it Good :tada::trophy:
with 90% of 42 votes.

And so Grip it Good goes through to the next round!


I’ll be honest not tried either and neither look all that great to me but I’m struggling to see a lot of action going on with that waterfall… doesn’t seem to have the gravity fed gush of Niagra Falls! :rofl:


I don’t think my penis bends the right way for The Waterfall. I may try it later to confirm. :slightly_smiling_face:


My OH just said similar :joy:. I’m not sure this one would work for us!

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Waterfall looks too relaxing for any real enjoyment in my opinion


Feel like there is potential to be accidentally kicked in the face by the waterfall :man_shrugging::joy:


The Waterfall is getting a bit of a drubbing all round. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m tempted to do a ‘winner stays on’ for the next one. So the winner of this one will go up against a new one, and so on, until it’s no longer the winner any more. Perhaps even get Discobot to pick the challenger for an extra bit of random? :slightly_smiling_face:


Great idea, good game this @Ian_Chimp :+1:

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Love this idea! :clap::clap::clap:


Loving this idea @Ian_Chimp :green_heart: Gets me to actually look at them and gives me some ideas. I’m useless at checking my emails and I seem to live on here at the moment.

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Waterfall looks like one for people who can’t stand the sight of each other :grin:


So, I’m tentatively thinking I’ll do a core ‘winner stays on’ run (I’ll reply-link them for continuity), and I’ll use ‘Discobot roll 2d65’ (he can only go as high as 120 for one die) to generate the post number from the Positions of the Week topic each time (with 2, 20, 70, 122, and 130 as roll again, as they’re the indexes).

I’ll leave all the polls open forever so people can still vote in the future, but take a tally of the winner when I post a new head-to-head.

How does that sound? And how often should I swop them out?

And how’s the format of the PotW poll post? Does everything display well enough for everyone on your devices?


‘Hate the smell of my feet, love the smell of yours’

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I’m loving this idea!!! I’m also suuuuuuper impressed at the Position of the Week thread and formatting, it’s seamless :clap:t2:


Haha that made me chuckle :laughing:

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Format layout works perfectly on my phone :+1:

Love this idea… today’s was not a close vote! :rofl:

I think you do them as often as you like as all the work is your end. Not more than daily but less often if you fancy a well deserved break!


Grip it good works well with a pillow under her but not sure the angle looks good on the waterfall (maybe a better angle for anal?)

Id be happy with either position but its not going to happen

Let’s try it daily, and see if people stay interested. :slightly_smiling_face:

@discobot roll 2d65

Edit: Interestingly, the post number and post address are slightly different (it’s one out, as I had to delete a post right at the start due to how it was made). I’ll stick with popping the Discobot number in the ‘Jump To’ box, but that’s why today’s link address is /84 rather than 83. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


:game_die: 62, 21