Position uncomfy

Hi me and my other half tend to only have sex with her on top as that’s the best position for penetration any other position we struggle to get it in. Any tips please and help. Embarrassing


Hi, there a massive great list of positions of the week that should have some nice options


Defo give positions of the week thread a look at as there’s bound to be something in there for you to try out :slightly_smiling_face:


Get it in? Sorry but the only way you can actually insert your penis into her is when she is on top? I’m not trying to make this awkward but I agree with the panel as there are many options with positions.
Do you struggle with mobility? Penis size? large body shape? I think every one here has had one challenge or another but struggling with this can be dissapointing for sure.

I know Mrs. Val actually hates being on top as it is way to deep. So I can get it in, she just hates it and has the confidence to say something. Try out a few things - you don’t have to be an acrobat, just try a few things and see what works for both of you


Have you tried using pillows or trying various pieces of furniture? As the posters above, the positions of the week are fun. My partner and I end up having a riot trying new stuff, the laughter helps to burn extra calories :rofl::rofl:

I often rely on my Liberator wedge

There are various other aids/furniture Here if you’d like to consider something else.


Hi @Lewisfjarrett, no need to be embarrassed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We’ve had similar issues in the past and only recently have we been able to try different positions. Is there a particular reason why you are struggling to penetrate her in different positions? Knowing this will help us to suggest better positions.


Hey @Lewisfjarrett - is the main difficulty the same as the one in this thread ? I’ve linked to my reply because I know before you clarified it was the getting it in rather than the angle once inside. If it’s changed then please do say and people may be able to offer other perspectives. If it’s the same then my advice would remain largely the same. Did you explore any of the suggestions in that thread? Did any sort of work for you or none work at all? Same with the suggestion of using lube - is this something you’ve tried yet?

Please don’t be embarrassed - as I said in my post on the other thread, we aren’t taught these things and can’t just be expected to know!


Thank you, I’m on the larger side down there she’s smaller

Yeah we went for lube but that made her sore

The best position for sex that we tried and we both enjoy since it does not put any pressure on the body is the Upside Down “T” position! Not only is there no body weight involved it makes having sex enjoyable since we can have sex for a longer time! I am also able to handle my Penis and rub it along her Vulva and Clit. She lays down on the bed lengthwise and you slide under her legs across the bed till your privates are in-line, then she uses her legs to pull you in and voila you have sex! What is even more fun, you can actually see what you are doing and watching me thrust into her and watching her Vagina react to what I’m doing is such a big turn-on, its like watching a porn movie when they do a close-up shot of a Penis thrusting between those juicy pussy lips.

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I’d definitely try the spooning or T position! The positions thread is fun and exciting. I’m not a female but maybe she needs a little more of a warm up if you’re larger down there? Maybe lots of foreplay and lube. Also, if she gets sore from lube, check which ones you are using. A lot of common lives have irritating chemicals in them! Sliquid and LoveHoney are two of our go to brands.

Could you expand a bit on what you mean by sore and where the pain was? Also was the pain during our afterwards? Do you mean the lube irritated the area or that it worked at the time but she experienced pain internally/externally afterwards?