Posting nude pictures

Pretend that you were able to upload explicit pictures of yourself in this forum (obviously you can’t). This could be nudes, having sex, or whatever you want.

Would you do it?… If the answer is yes, how far would you go?

I’ll go first. I’d happily upload sex pictures, but no faces.


For me I love my vagina and I know it’s good looking - so would post a picture of me using a nice dildo with the head of the dildo just going inside me …

My other photo is 1 I have done in the past with my husband - it’s a face photo of me with my husbands cock in my mouth where my teath are biting it - very powerful :lips:


We would be happy for anything really! Would be great to show how we use toys for reviews or testers! But strictly no faces or obvious give away signs, ie tattoos or scars etc. wouldn’t want to lose the animosity.


i would be happy uploading a pic of me giving a bj and i would go as far as showing the cum on my face


I think it would need a whole new trust level to bring something like that into play though lol


yeah definitely lol although i agree with admin on the no nudity x

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I’m definitely a nope. I’m pretty open about my life on the forum and anyone who knows me in “real life” could easily recognise me here from stuff I talk about and pictures I’ve posted. I’m happy to chat sex toys with anyone but I wouldn’t want anyone I know (other than my OH) having lingerie clad piccies of me, let alone pornographic ones.


Not for me either! I don’t like having my photo taken with my clothes on let alone without them! :rofl: My naked body is for my OH’s eyes only :blush:


It sounds powerful

Yes to seeing toys being used. Would also be good inspiration. I genuinely think it’d help the sale of products too ahhaha


Showing of the face is definitely a bold move hahaha


If you could do it and nobody ever find out?

well could argue that i’m bold lol i don’t mind who sees lol although i’d hope the cum will cover my face haha

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Sounds like you might need a number of guys for that.

the more the merrier hehe


and incase your wondering the most guys i’ve had painting my face is 3 x

@batjamboree - those pics sound great. I think I would post one of me entering Mrs. Val doggy style. I think for you who have never seen a “member” entering a part of the body, you are missing out. Especially pegging or PIV doggy style sex, watching the thrusting from the “giver’s” point of view is so hot.

We have mirrored closet doors and I really want Mrs. Val to see what I see but can’t quite figure out the angle/position. She’s not a huge fan of her body but her riding me reverse cowgirl with me laying on the bed but my feet on the floor would let he watch herself (maybe in lingerie she’d think she’s pretty??)

Any ideas on what we could do to let her watch me enter her (other than video)?

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I’m not comfortable with having my photo taken, even with clothes and I’m definitely not comfortable enough in my body for naked photos. Maybe in a few years that will change.

I’d go as far as everything except faces being shown.

Have you considered connecting a camera to the tv for a live view?