Prostate "Super Orgasm"

I started with a prostate vibe then switched to the Njoy I had a little bit of prostate fluid dripping out. But I never did cum. I switched to a vibrating sound and just as soon as it touched my prostate I started to cum. So ending pretty good.


@UKlovingcouple, hi and thanks for all you detailed info.

I know you say the Lelo Loki Wave 2 is the best prostate super o toy you’ve used and even better than the njoy pure wand.

can you use the lelo loki wave 2 on just the cum hither thrusting motion or does it need to have vibrations on too?

with my solid firm LH 7 inches glass beaded dildo I can sometimes get lots of pre cum semen coming out and it feels great and I think I’m on my way to prostate orgasm but pee comes out (I don’t think it’s male squirting just pee even though I’ve been to toilet before and during).

Lately I’ve tried lots of vibrating toys.

Rotating / thrusting / inflatable / all of them vibrate. With vibrate on and off they never seem to get the amount of pre cum semem like the firm LH glass dildo does.

I was hoping the inflating butt plug would expand press into my prostate then the vibrations would carry over the finish line but after a few tries it hasn’t yet.

A thrusting forwards and back toy vibrate on or off tried in a few positions feels great but again not as much pre cum and even after using it for 40 minutes or 60 minutes still no sign of a p spot orgasm.

I know some men day they prefer non vibrating toys and just big weighty heavy ones like the njoy pure wand.

I’ve probably only got a few more prostate sex toy purchases left as seems like I have bought and tried a fair amount so far and just trying to weigh up aether the njoy pure wand or the wave 2 might be the best option for me. Cheers :+1:

Hello @Fire_Ice1 and they are good questions!

With the Lelo Loki Wave 2 I used a combination of the come hither function and the vibration function, it is 100% the cum hither that does the job and makes you have amazing prostate orgasms, but the vibrations do add to it so I always have some vibrations going on, but without the come hither function it would definitely not be anywhere near as amazing a sex toy!

Hmm about your glass beaded dildo, the big key with having a DRY prostate orgasm it to avoid having WET prostate orgasms (this can be either quite a lot of pre-cum or, I’ve had these too, basically where it looks like pee coming out as you have the wet orgasm) so I would recommend trying to avoid/slow down when you feel close to this as avoiding the wet orgasms is the best way to have the massive dry prostate orgasms!

I agree, vibrating is not an important feature (and can sometimes distract from working towards prostate orgasms).

Hmm from what you’ve said, my main advice would be:

Are you directly the sex toys on the prostate?

It took me a while to find this out, but the prostate is literally an inch or two inside the rectum, so MUCH less deep than I originally expected and it is properly located upwards (which is why the Lelo is really amazingly designed as it hits that spot exactly). I would recommend in your next session to make sure you do not go deep and to try to find that prostate spot (which only enlarges when you are very turned on, you won’t orgasm unless you are very turned on, that’s a key point too).

Do let us know if you have any questions and GOOD LUCK!!! You’re almost there, having wet orgasms is only one step away from the dry prostate orgasms!! :slight_smile:

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Will do @UKlovingcouple yes I’ve tried my toys 2 inches in, 3 inches in, 4 inches in, 5 inches in. I find just in I can’t feel it with my finger or toys and get no pre cum so think mine is a bit further in.

If 6ft 2" with long fingers bit can’t seem to feel it in and up towards my belly button.

Will try a real slow relaxed session where I don’t aim for pre cum and see if just having something quite big in the area gets me there.

Failing that might go for njoy pure wand or wave 2. Thanks.

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Has anyone used this prostate product - Lovehoney High Roller Remote Control Rotating Prostate Massager ?

Is it discrete (quiet enough) to be used at work. To confirm i work on my own.
Do you think it would be possible to put in and get pleasure whilst working?


Hi, I haven’t used that particular one but have used similar and they can be fairly noisy. As you work by yourself the noise might be OK depending on whether you need to concentrate focus or make phone calls it might be a bit noisy for that but you could try. If it’s too noisy then just use at home.

HI, thank you for the reply.
Do you think it would be ok to put in and sit on throughout the day… so that hopefully the pleasure builds and i can have a P orgasm.

Possibly. I have a few normal regular butt plugs and I can sit down normally in them. I have an aneros progasm butt plug non moving prostate massager and it has some bulbs either end for the tab and perineum so I have to sit right on my tail bone with that in as I’m worried it will be break or be painful.

With my moving prostate massages again I can’t sit down normally when they’re in as for me it feels like too much weight on it.

I normally use laying down, on my side or standing up leaning over.

You could buy it and give it a try and if you can’t sit down normally then try to find another angle where you could still work.

That sounds like you’ve tried a lot of prostate sex toys, it will happen don’t worry! That is interesting, it’s very likely it could be further inside for sure! I hope it goes well, and either of those (njoy pure wand or wave 2) would be great purchases!

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Had my first hands free the other night with the Njoy Took about 40 or 45 minutes. But it was awesome when I came it kind of just run out but It just kept running out.


Partook in solo play tonight as it’s Masturbation Month. The session focused on anal play and ended with me pulling out my Njoy wand. I managed to stimulate myself to several very intense prostate orgasms. Literally took my breath away as I experienced intense pleasure lasting up to over a minute or more originating from my prostate and spreading throughout my bum and rest of my body. Frigging awesome and some of the most intense pleasure I’ve ever had from a masturbation session.


Had a massive orgasm this morning using our 8" realistic vibrating dildo.I managed to take the whole length and it felt really wonderful this time,more so than normal.I also put the ears of wifes rabbit against the head of my cock and gently rode them both.The wife just lay and watched and got really turned on as i started letting out little sighs and squeaks as it felt incredible.When she pushed another dildo into my mouth and ordered me to suck her friends cock i just exploded and i was shaking afterwards for a good couple of minutes.It was one of the best anal sessions ever and almost as good as the real thing i experienced with two Thai Trans girls who both took me many years ago.


I envy you guys that can achieve it im not giving up but yea