Prostate "Super Orgasm"

This is an interesting topic as anal play in straight men can still be taboo

I’ve head that several times male squirting think mine is more pee though but hopefully I’ll get a hands free dry or wet super orgasm one day. It’s not through lack of trying! :smiley:


Yeah the taboo surrounding men enjoying anal play is unfortunate. I didn’t start playing with ass until in my 30’s. I’m glad I decided to try. It took me several years to readily achieve pspot and anal orgasm but the time invested was worth it. The pleasure Ive had from anal and pspot play has been phenomenal. Full body orgasms that keep coming and coming.


Yes I don’t think I got into anal play until my late 30s, been trying for a few years now to achieve the hands free whole body male super orgasm and will hopefully get there soon but in the meantime rimming, prostate milking and anal toys help to mix up our sex life and my solo time.


I started with a prostate vibe then switched to the Njoy I had a little bit of prostate fluid dripping out. But I never did cum. I switched to a vibrating sound and just as soon as it touched my prostate I started to cum. So ending pretty good.