❗ PSA - unnecessarily graphic/erotic posts

Hey All,

Just a reminder that the forum rules need to be followed at all times. Posts containing offensive, unnecessarily graphic/erotic, derogatory or inappropriate language are not allowed on the forum. You should also not post erotica or graphic fantasies.

This weekend seems to have been particularly bad for rule breaking of this nature.

Please remember that continued rule breaking will result in your forum account being suspended.

Thank you, and I hope everyone had a nice Halloween!


Being as amazing as always Brenna​:heart:

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I also have a question, as you know, I have lately been putting posts in the wrong categories and things like that, would this be considered as rule breaking? :heart:

I mean I would definitely prefer things be added to the correct category, and sharing images outside of the Photos category can result in your photo privileges being removed (permanently), but you won’t get suspended for adding something to “Off Topic” when it should be in “Sex Toys” :slight_smile:


Thank you Brenna, you’re always super helpful! I will definitely pay more attention to what I post in the future :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Fully support @Lovehoney_Brenna with the reminder of the forum rules, they’re designed to keep us all safe and makes for an enjoyable forum. :+1:


What is considered a "graphic fantasy " ?
There are a couple of threads about fantasies, at what point would we overstep the mark ?
I ask , because I don’t want to be kicked off . I like it here , there are some great people


@Weeradge Did you take a look at the Forum Rules? After the bullet point “Do not use offensive, unnecessarily graphic/erotic, derogatory or inappropriate language” - there’s an example of a post that is too graphic/erotic and an example of a post done just right :+1:


I personally draw the line at stepping back and thinking ‘does this post look like talking about sex, or somebody trying to get their rocks off online.’ There are so many posts that pop up where people are very explicitly after sexual gratification on here and not a sex positive community.


On my best behavior.

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To be fair as almost everything LH sell is for sexual gratification it is not surprising


It must be hideously difficult when you’re trying to project the image of a respectable politically correct company but keep your customers on board encouraging each other to buy your sex toys, however this is the society we live in. :cry:


I like that it’s primarily a sexual advice site, and not a place to just swop sex brags and talk filthy to strangers. :man_shrugging:


I seem to have infringed the rules in some of my recent posts.
I do always communicate in a respectful manner .
Some of the posts I read regularly are more graphic than I have or would post , so I am slightly confused as to why so many have been edited.
If it is because of a chatty interactive style , I will refrain from in future.

Please flag posts that are graphic when you see them!


I see it as, if the words used are unnecessary to the conversation and more most likely there to titillate then they are against the rules.


The person slipped their throbbing member in, the soaking wetness made cum explode from them…


The person was very aroused, the lubrication was fantastic and resulted in a very fast climax.

(also apologies to everyone who read that :joy:)


It depends on the words used around it. The words on their own are fine! It’s the descriptive story telling around the words that normally breaks the rules :slight_smile:


No, the rule does not exist purely because some are ‘offended’ by graphic descriptions. The rule exists so everyone can feel comfortable engaging in an educational and safe space where they can talk about sex/sex toys matter-of-factly . The forum has never been, and never will be, a space where people can engage in cyber sex or exist to arouse its members.

There are plenty of places on the internet where graphic sexual talk is allowed, even encouraged - this is not one of them.


It seems like pretty mild descriptions are getting stopped . Pretty soon you may not be able to name a body part or use any common procedures . Oh well , guess I will quit posting except in school level scripture . It would be helpful if moderator would inform me what was inappropriate instead of blocking the whole post .