Pubic Hair Survey

Hi you gorgeous people, I am conducting a survey on public hair, how many people have it, trim it, love it, hate it, shave it. I don’t like it at all, I shave every day and feels amazing, if you have never tried going completely without then try it, have sex, preferably wet sex and say to yourself, fuck me that felt amazing 😉

From a female perspective...I get mine waxed every 4-6 weeks, literally everything gone! I really don't mind pubic hair on guys, but on myself, I have a real gripe with it.

Have it. Used to shave it but it didn't make much difference to me or my OH and just don't have the time (or razor) to shave it again.

OH trims his but i like it nice and smooth have done since i was 19 or 20

I would it gone from OH maybe just a neat landing strip.
I am slightly hairy all over so shaving me is a no as will just have a bald little chap. Keep it trimmed

Oh has the lot waxed off regularly,i shave the lot off weekly,wouldn`t go back!

Smooth (both of us)

I have very sensitive skin and even shaving my legs can irritate it. So I just trim it short with scissors. I dont want to risk getting irritated skin on that area.

So far the partners understood my reasons and did not mind, since I trim it regularly.

Both of us trim. Shaving is too much maintenance but we like to keep it somewhat tidy down there.

I'm completely bare - hollywood sugaring every 5 weeks. My hubby just has a trim.

I trim and my Wifey is always smooth, she either shaves for a quick result or plucks it all if she wants a longer lasting result, if she plucks it normally last for well over a week.

I shave every other day, wife waxes once a month.

Smooth on smooth feels so good.

Hi + welcome.

I trim as hair removal irritates my sensitive skin.

I shaved the lot off to see what it was like and I loved it. Feels nice and fresh and clean. Give it a once over every time I shower and shave my face. Not the same razor though!

OH and I are both shaved.

I shave once a week using a Phillips Bodygroomer. Chest and entire pubic region including balls and butt. Feels so much nicer and more hygienic too. OH prefers it and is opts for the shaven look too for the same reasons. Been doing it for years and would never go back!

Tried professional waxing but couldn't get on with the ingrown hairs. Expensive to do it regularly too!

For years I would get a full wax every month but over last few months have been shaving and leaving a landing strip. Think I am going to have to revise this and just trim down with the electric part of razor. My skin is really sensitive and I've been getting ingrown hair. I don't like the regrowth or upkeep from shaving. I have found the miracle oil from here is really nice. Hubby trims back and I prefer him doing that to shaving but don't think he would shave there anyway coz he hates shaving.

My lady is trimmed unless we are away/on hols when it all comes off (I love it all smooth) I go smooth once a week

Thank you all for your replies, the survey has got off to a great start, I think we can say that so far shaved/trimmed is a clear leader, keep those replies coming

Shaved and so does my girlfriend. Not a fan of pubic hair.