Pvc fetish

Pvc fetish am i alone.

i am totally intoxicated by anything pvc, vinyl or leather. i have a lot of pvcwear and i love to wear it as often as possible i love many different types of pvc i love a pvc raincoat which i have a few of, i have so much pvc from pvc boots to pvc and vinyl  pants to a pvc catsuit and plenty of sexy pvc dresses and pvc skirts. I just cant get enough pvc. i love the sexy shiny look and i love the sexy feel against my skin. Im just pvc mad

but am i really alone.

You are definitely not alone. PVC is quite a common fetish. I wouldn't say I have a PVC or vinyl fetish but I do like the aesthetic. I'm veggie so I don't like leather though.

Im wondering if there are any other pvc lovers to chat too. Id love to hear from you and get chatting with you about our love of all things PVC

Im more into my pvc and vinyl

My oh loves PVC. He loves me dressing in it (I have a fairly large selection of outfits) and he loves wearing it himself xx

I always wear pvc as much as I can for the boys xxx

It is leather for me that really does it.

I absolutely love the feel, smell, and look of leather.

That being said, leather can be expensive.

PVC is an affordable alternative that looks great. I have several PVC mini dresses, a catsuit, bustier, etc.

But, if I could afford it, 90% of my total closet space would be leather lol


My PVC/latex/leather addiction started long ago and I still can't get enough, your definitely not alone. We should all have a PVC party :).

My husband has the main fetish it was pretty well contained until wetlook leggings, thigh high boots and leather skirts became fashionable. I have to help him releave himself when were shopping and it gets too much for him ;)

When I learnt about if I fell in love with it too who knew id become his secret catsuit loving mistress :)

You're definitely not alone because there are other folks who like PVC. I like to see my wife in PVC or leather. It makes me so horny!

My husband wants to see me in pvc one day, I worry I'd look like Free Willy 😂 Loads of folk love it.

I don't have a fetish for it but it's really starting to appeal to me. Don't know how my OH would react if I showed up in a PVC-something lol 😄

Look at this Rosy 😄 Don't you think you'd kill it in this?!


That one is super cool lmh! 😄

I'm sure you are going to look great regardless of which lingerie you pick! I have always imgined you as super pretty :)

/sxleksaker of your oh is like my hubby he'll fall to his knees and do anything you ask lol. I live the power I feel dressed it PVC with him kneeling before me :)

Those outfits are sexy I'm tempted to treat him by buying myself another outfit lol

You're definitely not alone. I love the look and feel of PVC and love wearing my PVC thong though it doesn't stay on long when my OH see it on!

As you can tell by my name i love PVC and have numerous outfits and wife has many aswell which often results in us both PVC Clad for our sessions and i often wear her outfits for solo sessions love touch and feel of all PVC

OH and I are heavily into leather and wearing leather during sex. Has to be the full gamut though, with boots and gloves. Just to come home and see OH suited up and we're in heaven for the next few hours. Can't put my finger on precisely what the turn on is, but when she's suited up and I'm the same there's hours of rough sex ahead. Riding my OH from behind, clad in leather and my glans ring ball rubbing her g spot and we are both in heaven.

I wouldn't say I had a fetish for PVC, I'm not that hard-core, but I sure do like the sleek shiny look of it and would love to find a pair of high quality rock-chic style PVC jeans. For now I have a cheap pair which I enjoy wearing around my home office - the joys of working from home! PVC as office wear!

Hey, defo not alone in the PVC fetish both my self and my OH love getting out the PVC. She says she feels super sexy in and I cant control myself and end up taking lots of pics of her wearing it before it all comes back off lol

Happy to chat more about it anytime :)