So heres the thing.

What's everyones take on queefing?

It's a bodily thing that cannot be controled sometimes, however hard you try. With kegal exersises or alike, it can be reduced. But does it put you off if your partner queefs?

And do you get embarresed if you do it?

It's embarassing but it happens, if you're with someone you're comfortable with, you can just laugh it off and carry on!

NatandTom wrote:

It's embarassing but it happens, if you're with someone you're comfortable with, you can just laugh it off and carry on!

This. I'd also argue that kegal exercises don't really do much to help as it's not like a fart where you can hold it in and it doesn't happen because you have a lack of muscle tone or are 'loose' or anything. It's generally more to do with the position you're in than anything that gets the air trapped in there, and once it's in...it's got to come out!

I'd be pretty amused if my partner was seriously put off, I mean it's more than likely him that put the air in there when he was inserting his dick...so...deal with it! :p

It doesn't bother me or my partner, we're more likely to have a giggle about it than find it embarrassing. It's just one of those things that happens occasionally, no biggie ☺️

When we first got together I was mortified by it. I wanted to shout out "it was my foof, I swear!". Now, we either laugh at or ignore it lol.

Laugh or ignore, it's really a none issue in my house. Any noise/mess etc that are a product of sex are the same and happen to us all

It doesn't really bother us, except when we go at it really hard doggy, and he flips me over, and it just happens, loudly, and never ending. Then I hate it and get embarrased but my OH just laughs about it when I do, it's not really a big deal.

Is queefing another word for fanny farts?

schmalto33 wrote:

Is queefing another word for fanny farts?


there was a period where this happened to me so much omfg. I used to try and laugh it off and point out that it was just because I was so wet for him and to his credit he just ignored and carried on. Weirdly, I don't really get that anymore, only rarely

Oh god i forgot about this! It used to happen every time my partner and I did doggy when we first got together. It didn't bother him but I was soo embaressed! Thankfully it hasn't happened in a couple of years and I hope it never does again. I pretend to laugh it off but I hate it.. talk about spoiling the moment.

I personaly find it a turn on. Love it particulary after I have cum inside her.

I was seriously embarrased the first time it happened but he didn't say anything and we just carried on. The next time in doggy it happened a lot and we both ended up in a laughing fit and had to stop. Now it is just something that sometimes gets laughed at, sometimes gets ignored and sometimes he uses it to embarrass me because he's nice like that haha

This happens to me fairly often. Mostly when transitioning from doggy to another position. My OH and i dont seem to take notice to it. it is what it is and cant control it and im certinley not going to let it spoil the mood ;)

Haha this only ever happens once a blue moon with me and my OH. Usually after a hard doggy style then we move to a different position, and it happens. I used to be mortified when it did though. We did have sex in that position very often at the beginning of our relationship, but now it rarely happens haha which I'm so glad about lol

Queefing is all part and parcel of sex. Laugh it off or ignore it and move on. It's always good to have a little giggle while enjoying yourself and each other.

If it happens it happens can't help air getting trapped up there

Always after anal yes! We do laugh becuase it's after every time we do anal! Or if I use a double vibe! I'm sure I'll get used to it one day! lol

I'm so happy I'm not alone!!! It's even happened when I've quirted before!

Have to admit it's really rare for me, I have done it a couple of times and both was after the same position :S i was not that bothered and neither was my partner at the time :) x

MM, how could you? πŸ˜‚ That's the funniest thing I've heard all day!

Yes it does happen and we either ignore it or laugh and carry on. I mean, it's him who pushed the air in there so it's his fault! πŸ˜‹ It bothered me in the beginning of our relationship but now I'm hardly fussed, except when it's a loud, drawn-out one. Then it makes me laugh!