Question about eating cum

Most men on here myself included have an overwhelming desire to swallow our cum , but after orgasm the desire goes away. My question is why is this so? Do we desire to do this as it seems so dirty and after orgasm to we feel ashamed that we would want to do something that may be seen as gay? Do the ladies who swallow do it before orgasm and then go off the idea as well? It does seem a huge contrast from really wanting do do it to -- not doing that

I fined the same thing I want do it but after orgasm I lose it but now I can control it and it's better when you are told do it 👍


Definitely agree.. I've always wanted to do this but I never had the guts / urge afterwards - not really sure why.... Maybe it's hard wired as males generally release all sorts of hormones and all so maybe that affects it.

Perhaps it's just the post-orgasm hormones and brain giving you that "nah" attitude. Even though I'm a girl, I don't usually feel the urge to continue with anything else after I come. I know we can have multiple orgasms and all that, but one does it for me as I'm too tired to carry on. I just can't be bothered, lol.

I'd imagine it's some form of genetic throwback to our animalistic desire to fuck and move on to something else.

Alicia4Ever wrote:

First off there is no connection between being gay and swollowing your own cum, any more than a man who enjoys anal play, or pegging. Would you label a woman a lesbian for tasting her own honey; I doubt it. But why should it matter even if it was; being gay is only a problem to a certain group within society who don't want to accept diversity. The trouble then is that it makes other people feel scared about anything which they feel may get them labeled as gay. So try not to think of doing this as a "gay thing", and most certinly don't think of it as something dirty.

Deffinition of gay: a person who is capable of being able to be emotionally and sexuall attracted to the same sex. ; besides there are more than a few gay men who will not take another guy's cum in their mouth, just as there are more than a few gay men who will tell you " no way is some guy going to push his cock up my ass".

You kind of answered your own question on why the desire to swollow your own cum; sexual desire in men usually fades after orgasm; # deed done. Same reason why men often want to sleep straight after sex; because that is the way nature intended it to be. The body releases hormones on orgasm which make a man loose interest and become sleepy and more dosile.

You can learn to get past that feeling, by eating it even through you don't feel the desire to do so, thinking yum that's sexy at the same time even though you don't think it at the time, will likely make it feel like "yum" eventually.

As Alecia said.

And no, I most certainly do not have an overwhelming disire to taste my sperm.

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Get her to ride you then once you've come get her to sit on your face

You won't have time to lose the desire or much choice in the matter and it's fantastic


May I ask, in which capacity would it be seen as gay? It's your own body, your own fluids. Embrace it, enjoy it. If fantasising gets you off, knock your socks off. I love seeing a guy taste or swallow his own cum.


My husband masturbated and always tastes his pre cum. He usually offers me a taste too during foreplay. As I’ve tasted his bum on many occasions it was only a matter of time until he got around to tasting cum. I found it a real turn on watching him scrape up all that white stuff and lick his fingers. He doesn’t clean up every time we have Alex but it’s fantastic when he does.

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As you say your body your fluids I bet 100% of men if they cut themselves don’t hesitate to taste their own blood so why not taste your own cum if you don’t try it why should we expect our OH to do it

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Defo down to adrenaline and hormones in the moment I think

I was wondering the same thing too. I get all worked up about how I’m going to lick it up after I fill her box. Then I roll off of her and the desire is gone. Maybe just taking about it in this forum is enough to make us do it…

Wud u mind helping me with this? Ive masterbated in a cup & a glass. On times ive checkened out & tipped it down the toilet, other times, ive drank it. Thinking about tyrns me on. Do Women like watching men cum in their own mouth &/or drinking their own cum? Wud u help me plz?

Hello and welcome @andrewbebb1968 :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure what you need help with? It seems you’ve managed to do it successfully at least a couple of times. :+1: Though there are some tips in Eating your own cum (men) that you may find useful.

As for women finding it sexy, I’m sure some do, some don’t, and others are indifferent. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My wife is exactly the same…I think I need to start being mean and stopping the stimulation so I can get a turn!

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If its something you want to try then I’d suggest looking for articles on ‘edging’ and ‘miliking’. Its a way of having the white stuff flow without achieving the big O. Means you dont get the hormones suppressing the desire to follow through.

If done right you can still get a full O afterwards or go down the Tease and Denial route if that’s your thing/interests you.

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I first tried my own by treating it as though it was a sauce dipped finger in and tasted it OH wasn’t sure about it either so we did it together.OH doesn’t swallow which is her right but occasionally let’s me cum on her tongue then we snowball it I find it weekend the taste so it’s not to harsh next step is to try and get her to swallow it after swapping it about a bit

I often lose the urge to have my own cum. What I prefer to do is either kiss my Mrs after I’ve cum on her face or wank directly into my mouth (legs behind head on headboard so cock is in line with mouth and wank away).

Not the most graceful of looks but it ‘forces’ the situation that way.

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As wanking is my only sexual pleasure these days, after I’ve cum I always lick my hand and fingers clean. I love the taste

My partner really wants me to do this! I’ve just never had the guts to do it! Like you say, in the moment it seems a good idea but afterwards it’s a different story!