question about K-Y jelly, pls help!

Hello everyone, I just bought my first sex toy ''Lovehoney Silencer Quiet Vibrator Pink'' the material is plastic and I have tried it with KY jelly, the day after I start to feel itchy and slightly a burning feeling inside my vagina, (my clitoris does not feel itchy though it was smeared with the same jelly) am I allergic to the jelly or could it be the friction of the vibe causing me this itchy feeling?

thanks in advance



is there any change in the vaginal fluids? most of the KY products contains Glycerine and I personally discovered I react strongly to that and I started to feel a change of pH and the developing yeast infection.

Also it is possible you are bit allergic to something in the jelly.

I dont have the Silencer, but a vibrator never caused me itching, but I cannot say it is not possible for it to do it.

hi , no change... I don't think so, Its transparent like usual ( I must say I don't know what shall I look for ...)

just a little itchy on my vaginal opening now, less then yesterday ( I stopped using vibe and jelly )

didnt thought about the PH and yeast infection !...

thanks for your reply Laveila .

As Laveila said, it is probably the KY jelly rather than the vibe, plastic is usually pretty skin safe.

thanks masquerademin x the thing is I cant understand why I feel itchy / slightly burning only inside my vagina ...and not any other part the jelly was in contact with.

anyway I will stop using the jelly.

thank you

If you are looking for waterbased lube I would suggest something Glycerine-Paraben free. There are options out there, the Sliquid range, the KY has a Glycerin free option too, Lelo lube fits this... Just read the descriptions. I am sure you can find something you like.

Alternatively you can try to use silicone lube, but if you go for silicone toys always make sure you do a test, as silicone lube and silicone toys can react together. Also silicone lubes can stain and they are water resistant so they are harder to wash away compared to waterbased lubes. But they last longer.

As MM said, plastic tends to be very safe. Rubber can be more problematic. I had problem with that, but plastic tends to be safe. It is possible its the vibe, but I would try different lube first. As for the yeast infections, I never get the itching on my clitoris, always bit inside me and just round the vaginal opening.

You can send the KY jelly back to Lovehoney if you bought it here and either ask for refund or ask them for a product of the same price I think (I only so far asked for refund). They have 365 days return policy and if this happened to me I would use it and get something else.

Lavelia is right, Sliquid is a great brand, I highly recommend it.

Ok thank you Lavelia and MM :)

I will stick to plastic toy for now, and will take your advice and have a look at the sliquid lube you've both mentioned.

and yes I have bought KY here and will ask for a refund then.

thanks you all for the help!

Glad we could help.

Sliquid does a wide range of lubricants including general, stimulating, anal and flavours.

yw. I hope the next try goes much better for you! and welcome to the forum.

I use both the Lelo lube and Sliquid without irritation, but Sliquid is I think more gentle than the Lelo lube, its very natural, so its great choice. I personally really like it.

thanks for welcoming me & thanks girls for the advice on the lubes, I would not know what to look for really.. I will chose one form the range the sliquid then. :)

Lelo is a great lubricant, I have reviewed it here:

Both companies are good, though I think Lelo feels more natural but Sliquid is cheaper.

ok thanks MM , i'll have a look now!

Ok Avrielle , I will and thanks for the advice !

I agree. You can buy trush treatment in the pharmacy without prescription, but considering you dont know what it is, this is not something you should do. Thats for people who know what they are dealing with.

I never had any problems with my private parts, and had regular exams .

and last time I've seen my Gp for a smear all was fine, it was just a month ago. I am not sexually active ( well ,except for my first toy here.. lol) so hope I haven't got myself into something annoying to heal...

You dont need to be sexually active to get yeast infection and regardless of regular exams. I got it for the first time when I was 14 and I was completely untouched virgin. Its caused by pH disbalance which allows the yeast to spread and it can be result of stress, taking of antibiotics, hormonal changes such as menstruation, pregnancy, or for some glycerine. There are many reasons for this. But it can happen outside sex life easily :-(

Go see your doctor, and let her examine you. Thrush is available to be treated at any supermarket to if you feel embarrassed.

ok thanks leveila and Soverign, will wait a few days and if the itch wont stop, I'll go to my Gp. thanks all for the help!