Rant Thread - Get it all out here

I am so annoyed with myself, I checked out the best dehumidifiers on the internet last weekend and made a purchase so I thought. I received confirmation immediately but no details re delivery. Looked into things yesterday as not heard anything and everything I am now finding leads me to think it a scam!!! I thought I was intelligent and would spot them but no they have got me. Very annoyed.

Thats rubbish and it is easy to be taken in, some are very sophisticated. Always check reviews on trust pilot and if you’ve got a credit card, always use that for new companies. That way its not your money and you have more dispute rights on a credit card rather than a debit card.

Advice that you’ve not asked for - contact the company by email and ask for an update or a refund. Banks and card providers have to allow the company to fix it for you. It won’t be considered fraud as you’ve willingly made the payment. Once the delivery date has passed, or 15 calendar days if no delivery date was provided, you’ll be eligible to dispute the payment under goods or services not received. Cancel your card as lost or stolen so that you get a completely different card number. Otherwise it might only be the last 2 numbers that change and depending the provider, your expiry and CVV could stay the same.

Cancelling as lost or stolen makes sure everything is different. Bear in mind that any card controls will need to be re-added, i.e., gambling blocks, contactless limit reductions, international transactions.

Edited for spelling.

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Thank you for all of your advice, used a credit card and need to ring on Monday. Everything looked very convincing. Thanks again. @JoCat

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Small rant compared to most but soooo irritating when the piece of lingerie you really want is in the outlet at 50% off in every size EXCEPT the one you want, which suddenly leaps back to full price! :angry:

@steve19 , any luck either receiving the dehumidifier or getting your money back?


You would not believe it, after numerous e mails I arrived home last night to find a box on my doorstep, a box has something looking like a dehumidifier but yet to test it out. (some reviews indicate it may look like one but does nothing) Fingers crossed for today. Thanks for asking @Peitho

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Now tried the machine and it makes a noise and had it about 1 hour and it has a very small amount of water in it so it may be working. Does this mean it is ok. Time will tell but looking positive. May be I was wrong last week. @Peitho

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Sounds like it working if it’s collecting water​:+1:

Depends on how high the humidity is wherever you are using it . The RV , motorhome ( caravan ) community is a great place to look for suggestions and reviews . If you are in a moderate to low humidity area it may capture a small amount of water . In high humidity areas , they can overflow in a day . In a fairly well sealed RV with multiple people and high relative humidity they can pull a lot of moisture out in a relatively short time . Where are you using it ? Often in basements or adjacent to a bathroom . Most are rated by square footage .

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Thanks for the info, we are using it in a bedroom next to an en-suite bathroom. Seems to be doing ok at the moment. @Oldman

Well I thought I would take a stab at getting my wife interested after she notice my flashing red light on my tee plug this morning and thought is was my remote egg and was trying to control it . So I wore my black lacy panties and black lace stockings while doing dishes and waiting on her . She hardly noticed . Guess I should have a smart phone tattoo on my cock ? Any ladies check out my photos and think I might have any chance of getting attention ?

May be she would have preferred you to wear a fireman’s suit, leaving the stocking etc for her. Or may be a mechanics outfit with oil so you could get greasy and dirty in the garage. I don’t blame you for trying though @Oldman

Well I installed my remote egg this morning and she did link her phone up and controlled it for a little while . Butt she quit because the app was interrupting the show she was watching on her phone . So just to be funny I stacked my suction dildos in a row in in the bathroom . She went in and got mad at me . Then asked me a self answering question . " Why if I show any interest in anything sexual , you get all horny ?" So another swing and a miss .

@Oldman i really feel for you after reading your posts. I cant understand why she didnt show you any attention. I went through a phase where i literally couldnt bear to have sex or look at anything to do with it, it near broke my relationship but thankfully in a much better headspace now. Hope you get sorted out soon

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She is a disabled pain patient . Has gained weight due to lack of painful physical movement . Other problems develop from original problem . She hates the way she looks and feels terrible 99% of the time . Has been about 20 years since she was up for pretty much any form of sex . Chance of her improving is very small . Had a little hope this summer with a little surgical implant for only $87,000 , it did help some of her pain . So do not feel sorry for me , I have been into “ self help “ for 20 years . Thanks to LH and forum members , at least I have some place to talk sex . Also were I can post a few photos and hopefully others can enjoy the views of this old man .


Cant believe Hotel Chocolat has been bought over by Mars.

I am outraged. Stock piling is to begin now before the mess up :sob:


Just a little rant at myself and my inability to spell the word, “Silicone”. I think, at school, for some reason, I always had issues spelling the element silicon and used to add an “e” to the end and therefore drummed it into myself so hard to not add the “e” that now writing about silicone sex toys I often miss it off… including in numerous read throughs of reviews before submitting them.

Two reviews, recently, I’ve submitted talking about the toy’s “silicon” surface including one yesterday that I didn’t notice the mistake in before hitting submit. I am very annoyed with myself!

My rant for today is as follows:
Working as i do for a multi depot company I’m currently at our Lincolnshire site,got here 90mins before my 14.00 booking only to be told they haven’t even started producing what I’m collecting and won’t know until 14.30 at the earliest when they will start!!!
So now I’m 3 1/2hrs away from my base not knowing when I’ll be loaded or what time I’ll be finished tonight!!!
It’s also my friday so bang goes a decent finish and my tea will be in the dog…

I hate your job for you Pootle, I wouldn’t cope well with that uncertainty with the way I am. Maybe tell Mrs Pootle that you’ll pick up something on the way home for you both, that way she doesn’t need to cook and you both get a wee treat :smiley:


Thanks @JoCat
Ive been told production will start at 16.00 so i may be rolling by 18.00!!
3 1/2hr drive back to base,debrief/commute home means i doubt I’ll be home much before 22.30 so it’ll be grab n go from motorway services for me…

I feel for you @pootle it must be so difficult when you have to rely on other to allow you to do your job. Will think about you and wish you luck with your pick up.

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