Red Hot Flickering Tongue owners...

All you very lucky owners of this toy (I've tried many times to post a link, but my creaking old laptop just says "NO"), could you help please?

It's one of those stick-a-pin-in chargers that I loathe as I always think I could push the pin in too far and loosen something. I gave it a full charge before using - or at least I assume I did (3 hours plugged in and it the power difference after charging was obvious, though I hadn't used it before charging, just switched it on to see if there was charge in it). I had a dud Rave that had this system but despite only poking pin in until the charging light came on, it only ever fully charged the once then died and now won't light up or charge.

I couldn't find anywhere in the description that it has a light to tell you it's charging, but I'd read a blog that said it did.

Mine doesn't light up when charging. Do any other owners have one that lights up when charging and does this missing light mean mine isn't really charging?

I've used it a few times and, damn, it's good - knocked my Tango off the top spot for me! I'm just a bit nervous about the charging.


Hey VR... we own this toy

Just had a quick plug in and indeed when it is charging it has a red flashing light at the bottom where the power button is. It's pretty damn bright so if its working it should be lit up like a chirstmas tree.

I agree as well by they way that this little beauty has some serious power. It's the wifes go to if her desire bullet runs out.

You beat me to it! I just saw your answer on my £20 query and posted a request for you to answer if you had time.

You answered before I'd finished typing!

Hmmm. I hope I haven't pushed the pin in too far!

I knew I wanted it after I'd read your review - I'm a bit of a review cheat in that I tend to favour reviews written by forum members that post a lot as I kind of get the feel that what they enjoy, I'd probably enjoy.

I'm a lot more careful since the returns policy changed, but boy, this baby won't be returned (unless faulty). It's my new fave! I love how pinpoint it is and absolutely love the power. I have a degenerative nerve disease and have lost sensation on my right side. This thing hits the spot every time but doesn't "overcook" me like Tango can if I'm not careful.

I always thought my ideal toy would be the Tango with the Desire bullet's silicone coat, but this is a dream come true.

So thanks to you (and the others) who reviewed it. Much appreciated.

I push the pin in right up to the black plastic coating. So i don't think you will be able to push it in too far.

As for review cheating, i am the same. I look for people i see on the forum and then look for the lowest rating reviews to see any negatives.

I am pleased it worked out for you whilst it was working. Thankfully if it's faulty you get a year to return (fantastic policy) and with them still being sold you may be able to get a replacement with a quick turn around. The only chore is having to post it back. I have only had to return one item (cock pump) and got asked at the post office counter what was in the box... i stumbled so much i think i just said electronics in the end.

I've asked my neighbour to return items for me and told them there's kiddies toys in the box ![](upload://jokG3WtlbVccWAgGjeuPxY6tITM.gif)

They've never mentioned anything...

I'll try plugging it in again in the morning to see if I'm doing it properly. 9 times out of 10 it's user error in this house!

Mine has just finished charging and guess what... the light goes out!!!

I don't have the original packaging so not sure if it has a travel lock that you may have accidently turned on. Other than that holding down the power button for a few seconds turns mine on.

Thats a great idea who questions kiddies toys.

Thanks, K&c30's.

I haven't had time to check it yet, but I can't remember seeing anything on the packaging about a light when charging.

I didn't have a booklet or any instructions other than what was printed on the box. I still have it so I'll check it out tomorrow.

I'll post back if I see anything interesting on it - my memory is shot, but at least I actually read instructions these days :-)

Hey VR. It certainly lit up for me whilst charging. Lets hope that yours starts working soon. I am terrible for reading instructions lol.

Hi VR,

I'm sorry your vibe is not working. I've checked mine and as K&c30's mentioned, it keeps flashing when is charging and the light's off when fully charged. I don't think you put the thing to charge too deep in as I usually press mine to the end and I had no problem with that.

I did keep the box and there's something like secure travel lock, but then there's no instruction as how to activate this feature. Maybe yours did by accident?! I tried to chech their web page (, but my silly phone is playing up. So maybe it's worth have a look in there.

I bought this little devil about 2 months ago and I've to tell I absolutely love. I don't think I'd find something that I love as much as I love Tango, but this one is up there now, a totally revelation. Have to get around to write a 5 stars review. And at the same time I had saved a lot and bought my first Lelo vibe (Lelo Nea) and I've to tell you I was very disappointed because it doesn't work for me at all, despite the glowing reviews and nearly £90.00, which for me is a lot of money.

THis little red devil is one of the best buys ever, so I do hope you sort yours.

Thanks All.

I finally got around to looking at mine again and... I'm an idiot!

I took the plunge and stuck the pin in further than I'd previously done and the light came on.

I charged it up properly and have been having rather a good time with it this weekend ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Lu SB - I've yet to write a 5* review for the Tongue, too - been too busy with it!

It also knocked my Tango off the top spot.

I'm sorry you wasted so much money on something that doesn't work for you. That always hurts. Can you use the Happiness Guarantee and swap it (if that's how it works - I'm not quite sure since it changed)?

The Nea was on my wish list for a good while but I was lucky enough to have been given a Touch so I learned then that I'm more of a pinpoint gal. The Volta's next on my wishlist - I'm wondering if two tongues are better than one ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Yay VR, sometimes its tricky to know just how far to push the pin in sometimes. Really glad its now back up and running for you.

Thanks, K&c30's. I'm so relieved it wasn't faulty as it is now officially my fave!

This is the next item on my buy list is it as good as it sounds

We absolutely love ours. If you enjoy pinpoint vibrations this won't dissapoint.

Another question: Is the toy waterproof? LH's description doesn't say...

I believe so as the charging port is covered with self healing silicone but it would be a wise to double check it with the live chat customer service people who are so helpful

Talia wrote:

Another question: Is the toy waterproof? LH's description doesn't say...

Hey Talia.

The answer is yes. I've kept the box and it says waterproof and it also can be used in and out of the water.

This is just a lovely toy, one of my best buy in ages - love it!

Finally got round to ordering this should be here Monday I need something to replace sitting on wand when the weather is too hot