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Hi How where do i write a review about a product? thanks

If it is a review of an existing product in the range, there will be a link within the product description.. Either at the top if it has not previously reviewed, or further down next to reviews - further down the page - if it had been reviewed before. (the second link should also be there even if it had been reviewed)

Hope this helps - and makes sense, damned vino :p :)


I would recomend that you read a few reviews on the product before giving feedback. Ater posting some of our reviews there is allways something we wished we'd added. Don't rush into a review after just one or two outings. Get used to your toy first, also think long term prospects etc.

If the product has no reviews read similar reviews, you'll soon get a feel for what to write about. Just remember that the bad poits however small are just as important about the good bits. Don't gloss over the niggles due to brand loyalty or thinking LH want you to rave about everything. Constructive critisim is VITAL for future improvements of products on offer.

Good luck!

69er - did you find the links on the product page for the product you wanted to review?

If not, you can go the Add A Review page to write a review and we'll link the review to the product behind the scenes (if you give us a few clues as to what it's called!).

Hi, I've bought a lot of stuff from love honey over the years. And I've finally gotten around to reviewing it. But a lot of the stuff is no longer in stock.

Should I still write a review or just leave it?

Gray Matter-When you click on the sex toy reviews at the top you should see this-

If you'd like to review a LoveHoney product, please browse the site and click on the Write your review link from any product page. If we don't sell the product you want to review, or you can't find it on the site, you can review it here.

Just click on the link!! x

But if it's not in stock, what's the point?! GrayMatter I think if you think something's really, really good it's still worth reviewing, or if something looks like it might come back in stock. But if it's discontinued, well I don't see the point and I no longer do reviews for older toys that aren't listed. Up to you really, but it could be a waste of effort :( Or maybe a reason to buy new stuff lol

Yeah, that was pretty much my thoughts.

I'll try and track them down then. Did there used to be a giant database of reviews where you could sort by nearly every variable possible? Or am I merely imagining things?

LoveHoney - Ruth wrote:

Hmm, tricky one.

Sometimes discontinued items do make their way back in to stock - not always, but it has been known. Also, don't forget that we keep an eye on all reviews when deciding who to send tester products to, so it could also be worth it to stay on our radar.

I noticed that with a product I bought, it was (, I ordered it from the DOTD, and found it really good, so wrote up a nice praising review for it, and when I checked a bit later after it'd gone live, it was already discontinued!

I think I'm still going to put reviews up for everything that I buy though, with the hope the good reviews will bring the good stuff back, and the bad ones will stay discontinued to make way for new stuff :-)

GrayMatter wrote:

I'll try and track them down then. Did there used to be a giant database of reviews where you could sort by nearly every variable possible? Or am I merely imagining things?

I think you're an oldie like me and remembering the older Orgasm Army forum design? There you could sort by type, material etc. You should just be able to just use the geneal review one with the product name I think?

Maybe reviews help anyway because it alerts LH to what aspects of products we do and don't like which could help purchasing designs? (and yes I do know I ended every sentence with a ? I'm obviously in a very unsure mood!!)

Ok I am going to sound dumb but i jsut signed up on this site how long does it usually take for you to actully recieve a product and are you notified that they are going to send a certian product?

Back to the topic of reviews, I'm about to submit a couple of reviews for things I've bought recently, and was just wondering if there's any rules on including links to each other in them? as they compliment each other very well. and if its ok, do you do the jiggery-pokery to get it linking up nicely, with just the names as the link, instead of the url?

has the format of the reviews changed, or is it only for certain products - for example - the pro's, con's and bottom line bit doesn't come up on the Bondage Tape page...

cheers Ruth.... i was just wondering :o)

Are reviews meant to be in chronological order or are they sorted by usefulness? None of mine show at the front end and seem to be randomly stuck in the middle with others that don't seem to tie in with the date order.

Good question Ste.. I always assumed it was usefulness.

Hi Carly or Ruth.

I've just submitted a review for wrist restraints and have just realised that I've quoted incorrect measurements in it. The ones I've quoted are 9.5-12.5 when it should read 7.25-11.5!

Could you please correct this before it goes out?

Apologies and many thanks.

SG69 x

Oh I'm all confused again! I was sent something to test, tested and reviewed it as promptly as I could (submitted the review on saturday night...or was it the early hours of sunday morning? 19th/20th sept) but it's not come up on my profile and I never received an email about it so I just wanted to make sure it's gone through?? It was a new product so there isn't a page for it on the LH site. I'm so excited that I got picked for testing, I just want to make sure it's all gone through properly