Reviewing Reviews

Reviews are so helpful when deciding what to buy! It would be helpful to be able to read just reviews with a certain number of stars just to see a few of everything.

With lingerie I find the most helpful ones are those where people have mentioned their clothes / bra size and how well the item fitted their shape. It gives me a good idea of whether it would suit my body shape, fit my boobs, comes up small / large or offers support to the boobs.

With toys, I’m mainly looking for reveiws about the material, soft, flexible or rigid etc. If it’s a vibrating toy, I am generally looking to see what people say about the strength of the vibrations and whether they are buzzy or low frequency. This is mainly because I am very sensitve and generally look for reviews that say that vibrations are weaker (again why it would be useful to see reveiws with less stars since most people tend to rate toys lower when they are less powerful than expected).

With anal toys I’m looking to see if people mention the comfort of the base and particularly checking that no one has said anything about feeling that the base was too small! I’m also interested in what people say about the shape of the toy since it is sometimes hard to get an accurate idea from the picture. I like toys with a small but long neck before the base (more comfortable!) and something that doesn’t pop back out easily!

As @Melody1 says, I do sometimes just like to read them for fun too! It’s interesting to see what others enjoy, gives me ideas :laughing:


Great points @Mrs_Y, I will bear them in mind next time I review

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For toys I like reviews that show me how well the toy matches up to the sales hype. The sales blurb on the product page/manufacturer’s website always (over)emphasises the positives, but I like to read about how those claims stack up with real people using them. ‘whisper quiet (if based on Homer Simpson’s whisper)

Any reviews that obscure that with too much creative hyperbole, etc start to sound more like another round of sales pitches rather than reporting back. (to me at least :slightly_smiling_face:)


If a description doesn’t mention the sound at all, I usually guess it’s going to sound like a coffee grinder in a bee hive :sweat_smile: