Reviews on Lovehoney website & forum!

Hi all,

I’ve just started to review various items I have bought on the website.

Can anyone tell me, within your Love Honey account is there somewhere the reviews are saved??

Also, if you post a review within the forum, are they saved anywhere within you forum account??

Thanks all

In the halcyon days of the old LH website (sigh), all of a person’s reviews were accessible as a list page under their username. Not any more! …and so far there doesn’t appear to be any prospect of it returning. It’s a damned shame and a PITA. :angry:

People tend not to post their reviews on the forum. Not saying you can’t, but it’s not common.


But if you want to, you can copy and paste them from the main site into the My Reviews topic. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

You can then pop a little ‘My Reviews’ link in your usercard so people can have a browse (there’s one in mine if anyone needs an example :+1:).


I WISH the reviews list was a thing. It would make things so much easier. I have reviewed a lot of items in my time of buying stuff from the Lovehoney website and whenever I need to find a review I have wrote I can never find it.


It’s a shame that we can’t link reviews to our profiles, as there were members who’s opinions i respected and their reviews lead to me purchasing. Sometimes change is not for the better, especially when it’s internet related!

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I was just wondering this myself as I too have started the review the items that we buy and use. I think a list of ‘My Reviews’ would be great to keep track of, It’s a shame that this feature was taken down, we never got to experience it. @Ian_Chimp thanks for the idea I’ll be keeping that in mind.

I’m glad that has been cleared up for me now anyway, so thanks guys!


It’s such a shame there’s no feature on the website.

Will just keep adding them on the products pages.