'School pupil' fantasy role play... fun or...?

As someone who regularly indulges in some roleplay with my S.Os, how do the general consensus feel regarding ‘School pupil’ roleplay?

Do you find it fun and naughty or unearving due to the subtext and implications?

Thanks in advance!


Don’t find it wrong at all because i don’t associate the outfit with someone underage if that makes sense?


I’m assuming you mean pupil/teacher type role play, as school role plays can go in many different directions.

However, there is nothing inherently creepy about role play that explores power disparities, which ultimately is the basis for pupil/teacher role play, as well as many others (boss/employee for example) providing all parties consent.


Hi Callie,

I was specifically meaning the dynamic between a ‘school girl’ and someone of authority e.g. teacher etc.

My post is written assuming that is what you meant, although I will say it is unnecessary to gender the roles.

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I asked the question looking for responses that would apply for myself as I identify as a woman and would roleplay as a woman. Not with the intention of of excluding others.

So are you looking for the general consensus (as asked for in your post) or advice on whether you personally should engage in this role play? They are very different questions. The general consensus is irrelevant in your bedroom and certainly wouldn’t trump any uneasy feelings a person has. However, if it’s something you are interested in and are just looking for wider views out of curiosity, then that’s cool but you don’t need to gender it.

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This has clearly been taken im the wrong way. I have edited the prementioned question so offence is not caused.

@Bi-gal, This is actually a role play / cosplay that me and my husband do quite often.

I’ve got a sensationally slutty little uniform that I think I enjoy more than my teacher husband.

He’ll usually set the scene by summoning me in a very formal style email the day before to allow me to understand the following:

  • The reasons for my summons.
  • What to expect and anticipate.
  • What he’s expecting to achieve from this meeting.
  • If I consent.

We begin play normally by me changing into my outfit at work before I come home. All of my staff have left my salon by this point so nobody will see and I’ll take a long coat to cover myself walking to and from the car incase the neighbours see me - I think I kind of want them to see sometimes :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s a hell of a lot of fun but, honestly most of the time it’s usually just 5 minutes of explaining what a bad girl I’ve been and then tying me up, flogging me severely and then the rest is just f#cking me.

I do sometimes feel we could do more to explore the scene prior to the inevitable tying, flogging and f#cking.

In the past, he’s blindfolded me and written numbers all over my body in marker pen (not my face and neck) and asked me to completely memorise them for homework with a view to rewarding me for each correct recall and punishing me severely for each incorrect answer - a flogging, edging with no orgasm, a rough throat f#cking etc. If I pass the exam, I’ll be rewarded with atleast one orgasm - but only if I pass to his standards and only if I behave prior to the exam sitting.

Anyway, it’s definitely a bit of me, there is so so many options of fun and f#cking with this kind of scenario and I absolutely love it!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::drooling_face::woozy_face:


I’ve sometimes fantasised the janitors closet or in the sports changing rooms lol


I often fantasised about being a naughty schoolgirl with my husband & although there was no dressing up or anything, we both enjoyed it. A lot :wink:


@Bi-gal I think one of my favorite porn clips I have seen is where the teacher and the student’s parent (both female) meet to discuss the pupil’s issue. A low-budget argument breaks out and eventually, like every porn clip, ends up in fuc#ing, oral, anal rimming and alleged orgasms.

Obviously nothing gets solved and the student (sometimes there) either watches or joins in as a lesbian 3-some (I think they pretend it’s a step-mom of some sort to keep it “no-issue”). I think a role play of that sort may be sufficient for the time being…or maybe a series of them where there is a meeting with the “mom” first and then the “college student” has to pay for her poor grades…

I think you can have fun with it without making it awkward…


@Bi-gal me and my wife love school girl police man role play we never found it unnerving give it a go if you don’t like it then it’s not for you it’s all about finding out what you like and having fun while do it :blush::blush:


I think the “school girl” edited does less than nothing for me.

But that’s just my 2p on that specific role play

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My husband is a teacher (and I used to be his pupil!) so it’s a no go for us :woman_shrugging:t3: :joy: . I suppose we could flip it with me in the authoritarian role but I’m sure it would still be too much of a busman’s holiday for him. Ofsted flashbacks aren’t good for sexytimes!

I suspect police officers don’t do much cops and robbers role play or health professionals ‘Drs and nurses’. either. Too much like ‘real life’ to be sexy I reckon.


I can see what you mean, it does sound a bit peado-y when you really stop and think about it.
I guess people don’t really stop to think about it.
In saying that you do get 18 year old school pupils, so maybe people are just reliving their youtful glory days?

I love being the naughty schoolgirl and getting punished from master :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: with oral, cuffs, whips, slapper paddles, blindfolded, and floggers and finally deep, hard and fast penetration :woozy_face::drooling_face::exploding_head:


Well this has totally set the tone of the day!! :drooling_face: I think I might have to surprise the wife! What a description Dirty-Wife :raised_hands:

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One of my favourite roleplay that one, he loves doing dr’s and nurses, or nurse and patient. And his all time favourite is the maid. And recently I’ve been the copper. But for me it has to the naughty schoolgirl, more of a punishment in this roleplay :woozy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Love that! You guys sound fun!

Deffo prefer the OH to be the submissive! It wasn’t the schoolgirl bit so much as we haven’t done that one but the detailed list after set the tone. Only one way for this Friday night to unfold now :drooling_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :hot_face: