Search function

Is anyone else struggling to use the search function for older messages. I press on them and they don’t seem to work.

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On my phone i search Memes and hit the topic but it doesn’t take me there.

Yes… actually this should probably be put in Lovehoney Glitches. I have taken to long pressing the link and then “Open in new tab/window/group”. This works but is a work around rather than a fix.


I’ve just tried several times to select a topic after a quick search.

Wish I’d seen this thread first :see_no_evil:. Be great to see if get sorted.

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It used to work but stopped working a few weeks back I noticed. I tried to add it to the glitches page but then I couldn’t find it with out using the search button :see_no_evil:

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Don’t think I’ve used the search function on here before

I’ve raised this issue with the team! Not merging this thread just yet as I have linked it in the ticket :slight_smile: