Lovehoney Glitches

Hey all,

This thread should be used to report any bugs, snags and or glitches you might spot on the Lovehoney websites. Don't forget these can also be reported to Customer Care for a speedier resolve:

To make it clear, we are looking for bugs that affect user experience, not improvements to functionality or systems on the sites.


Yes please - Let's try and help you

404 errors, caching issues, dead links, missing pages, check out issues (easier resolved with CC), forum/ review/ image problems, device/ browser issues, problems with Live Chat.

No Thank You - We can not help you here

Website improvements, functionality updates, typos ( use the dedicated typo thread), changes to the layout, suggestions (use suggestions thread), product requests (use pander to me thread), offers not working - please contact customer care directly.

When you do report one of the Yes Please issues, please try to include the following:

- What the issue is... (eg 404 issues on Your Account)

- Description of the bug/glitch

- How did you come across it or discover it?

- Links affected

- The browser and device you are using

- The operating system your device uses

Thanks for reporting...

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Every time I place an order on the site. Something goes wrong.

Placed an order today, that’s linked to my account straight away.

Placed an order yesterday, still not showing on my account. Due for delivery tomorrow & paid extra for delivery for tomorrow :confused:.

I can’t seem to click on the other gallery photos on the product pages? I’m stuck with the main image.

Is this just for me, or is anyone else having the same issue?

Eg. This one:


No, ive had that too.

The main shop menu is also not working if you press the “go shopping” button at the top of the forum for some reason

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Same here, I’d assumed it was my bad internet!

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Mine’s disappeared again. It came back briefly the other day, but has now gone. (mobile)

That product page only has one image - there’s no gallery to choose from - but on the new website I’ve often visited product pages that are supposed to have a gallery and no images will load at all, regardless of what browser or device I’m using. It’s crap.

Interesting… on my device, upon reloading the page, the gallery placeholders have now appeared, but with no images in 'em.

It’s crap. :grin:

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I think the new site is slower than the last one. A lot of the pages/searches take a while to find all their elements, and then it tries to place me at a particular point on the page when I’m already trying to scroll up or down. It’s a bit of a wrestling match at times. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep. So much slower that some elements never turn up at all, which puts me off bothering to investigate a product any further. Result: no sale.

Are you listening, Lovehoney?

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Yep, same problem. All images show in the thumb nails for me but I can’t make them the main picture.

Also, on the aspects you’ve just mentioned in the lounge, the juddering loading a new page of reviews I have but the giant floating add to basket is not a thing for me. I just have a normal add to basket that if I’ve been looking at the description or reviews I scroll up to find. Sounds much better hhan the issue you have.


This is what my screen looks like when I click in the Search box: :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, okay, just checking I do have that once I scroll down far enough. It seems I just never search reviews so I never have the keyboard up and it’s not noticeable. I think I also have a very tall, narrow phone screen so even with the keyboard it doesn’t obscure as much of the screen for me. Apologies.

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If I scroll down I also get the floating header pop in too: :slightly_smiling_face:

Which leaves no visible screen left for me to actually see anything. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do see the problem! I have a bit more space and as I say, not sure I ever use the search box for reviews so don’t have the keyboard covering the screen (though I probably should as it does seem useful). I do get a bit more screen though and thankfully the keyboard vanishes as soon as I click on what’s behind it.

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It’s not insurmountable, but it isn’t a great user experience. The page loads are the real killer.

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The more I hear, the more weary and unimpressed I get. LH may not be a vast megabucks concern (yet), but neither is it a minor league affair: it’s pretty well THE best-known global brand for sex toys, and its ability to win new customers and keep them loyal relies hugely on a hard-won and well-deserved reputation for good customer care.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why all of this has been thrown into jeopardy by - of all things - website re-design: why the functionality of the new website wasn’t exhaustively UAT’d* across all the main browsers and devices before it was allowed anywhere near the public. If LH doesn’t have the resources in-house to achieve this, there are plenty of companies out there who provide exactly such services.

The forest of “oops, that seems not to be working” glitches and the wholesale inability to maintain continuity with functions of the old site that were highly prized by regular users serves to make LH look at best incompetent, at worst uncaring toward their loyal customers. Worst of all has been the loss of functionality in relation to accessing and managing our own reviews. This is particularly alienating, and the longer it goes on, the worse that feeling of alienation is going to get. And that’s before we even get onto the loss of loyalty perks… I mean, why should a customer go to the effort of joining “the LH community” and composing a thoughtful review on something they’ve bought? Nowadays it doesn’t even get you a discount code!

*(User Acceptance Testing)


This :raised_hands:t2:

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Yes, I had this last night and thought it was just my phone playing up. Mine was also in the lingerie category. I lost interest and went on to another site.

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