:bum3: Selling My Knickers - Worn Underwear & Lingerie

Many of you know that I sell a lot of my worn and used lingerie, thongs, g-strings, bras, tights, commando worn gym leggings, you name it. But I thought I’d start a topic and give you insights into my day to day life of juggling working full time running a very busy hair styling business while also selling worn underwear and bras, cam sessions and sexting/phone calling girlfriend experience, cock rating (yes, so many people like cock rating, genuine rates and also humiliating rates) and also maintaining a very happy, open and honest and loving marriage with my husband. It’s a busy lifestyle but hey, I want to retire before I need a second boob-job :smile:

I have some weeks made more profit selling my underwear, photos, videos, sexting and girlfriend experiences and cam sessions, than I have made in my hair salon - there is really that much money that can be made. The crazy thing is, I can, and do, all of this and earn a huge side income while I’m earning my normal daily income. I now earn money while I’m sleeping in thongs and g-strings and I’m even profiting every time I cum.

Where do I buy my underwear?
Although I can buy cheap thongs and g-strings and bras online or from cheaper high street clothing shops, I only buy the expensive, designer, high end and luxury styles. I do this because these are the item I want to wear. I won’t compromise what I want just to be cheap for other people and I know for a fact that my most of clients will pay more for the luxurious and designer items. Sorry Primarny, you don’t make the cut with me. I do buy most of my lingerie from various online stores but I will also sometimes buy from my local lingerie shop (I won’t mention the name but I’m sure you can work out a high street lingerie/sex toy store). They know me on first name terms now and im absolutely certain they know what im doing - I’m sure they’re doing it too. Anyway, I buy pricey and premium products and that’s exactly what I sell. I’m not your average cheap girl I assure you :smirk:

I have never ever, not once, put my name forward or accepted a lingerie tester product from Lovehoney. Although I own many Lovehoney lingerie items and sets, I have never had a tester item nor will I ever receive or ask for any. I would never want LH to think I was selling or profiting from clothing that had been sent to me for reviewing purposes and @Lovehoney_Brenna knows this well. I actually asked her last year for me to never be a tester for lingerie. That and I have mountains of the stuff already :sweat_smile:

I know so many here will find the idea of me wearing underwear to sell to other people extremely odd and weird, but honestly I get as much out of it as my clients do. Not only do I get to video myself, masturbate at every available opportunity while wearing them and play with toys while they’re pulled to one side, send sexy underwear update snaps throughout the day, but there’s something really erotic I find in the thought of my sweet feminine scents, my private, intimate and most personal parts, being completely contained and soaked into some undeniably sexy underwear that I know will then be used for fantasies and masturbation and pleasure by someone else while they are thinking solely of me and my pussy. I get to buy a whole load of new underwear all the time too and wear it constantly.

I guess the thought that my underwear has been rubbing and touching me, pressed against me, absorbing me, and then will likely be wrapped around someone’s cock - or even played with by another girl - the next day really turns me on. That and I know they will be burying their face into them and getting hard and wet just smelling ME… yeah that turns me right on.

I think I’ve mentioned here before that I have bought worn underwear myself from a couple of other girls now just so I can get off in exactly this way. Honestly, if you fantasise about other girls like I do quite often, you should try this.

Who’d have thought that something so deliciously fun and exciting could bring such a brilliant side income too.

Anyway, although sometimes I only sell one or two items a week, in this topic I will try to keep you all updated where possible on my devilishly daily doings and answer any questions you may have if it’s something you want to try yourselves - of course, I won’t mention any websites or places that you can actually sell or buy these items and I won’t break any forum rules either. If it’s something you don’t want to see, just change the Topic Controls at the bottom to ‘muted’.



Today, I’ve put on the next set of underwear for one of my worn thongs clients and popped my work uniform on over the top. Work while you’re working right? Poor posh Mrs Adderly at 11:15 won’t have a clue what kind of naughtiness is beneath my professional beauty-tunic surface while I’m blow drying her balayage - I often wonder what kinds of filth she gets up to herself… :rofl:

Today’s thong client wants me to wear these for all of today and throughout tonight while I’m sleeping, all day tomorrow and tomorrow night too. 2 days and 2 nights is probably the most common request I’m asked - he wants them completely soaked through, absolutely saturated with my sweetness and scent, so I’ll be doing everything I can to keep myself extremely aroused and horny all throughout the day :droplet: My salon clients must think there’s something wrong with me if they notice me pulling up my underwear tight into myself every 15 minutes :rofl::shushing_face:

This evening there will be a lot of masturbating wearing these :sweat_drops: then keep them on tight against me all night and then the same tomorrow. It’s actually not that bad sleeping in soaking wet knickers - the things we do for fun eh…

I’ll send pictures and video updates every couple of hours or so and send the items to him early Monday morning straight after I’ve taken them off.

He also wants the matching top piece aswell so I’ll be a little sad to see this set go but they have sold for double what I payed for them. You’d be surprised how many of my clients want matching tops and bras and generally clothing that has been touching, holding and rubbing my tits all day too, that and my bras are absolutely full of the aroma of my perfume - I know when I’ve occasionally bought thongs and bras from other girls in the past this is something I always ask for and something that gets me dripping - other women’s perfume sends me silly. Maybe this is why I love hair styling and being around girls so much :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::sweat_drops::see_no_evil:

Anyway, my poor husband won’t be getting his end away in me tonight or even tomorrow as most of my customers don’t want me to have sex while I’m wearing items for them, some really do want fucked in thongs and even want thongs that I’ve let my creampie drip into and then worn all day soaked - these people really love the sneaky picture updates I’ll send them of me in the supermarket or a shop changing room wearing them out and about. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Although my husband won’t blow his load into me tonight, I’m sure he’ll have a hell of a lot of fun watching me playing with myself this evening and taking photos and videos for me to send to my client :smirk: I’m sure I can find some ways to reward him for his efforts…

One things for sure, I need to go knicker shopping today on my lunch break - not that I need an excuse :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Have a fabulously fun and filthy day friends! I will :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ll upload a photo of today’s lingerie when it can be approved on Monday morning :wink:


I will look forward to the photo’s and the updates. @Blonde_Bunny I find it fascinating and I’m really pleased you are making it work for you. I love your work ethics and determination. It must be a tough business as there appears to be so much competition and sites offering the service.



Well done you for starting this topic (a blog almost)
Looking forward to reading all the saucy goings on! :kissing_heart:


@Blonde_Bunny thank you for this information it was so informative and interesting. As many is tight it is something I have considered doing but not sure how to go about. Any information would be appreciated
Good luck in all you do


Honestly, selling my underwear and setting up an OnlyFans account was one of the things that saved me financially last year while all hairdressers and salons were forced to be closed for nearly all of 2020 from Covid. It’s since then become a real money making addiction that I also find so much fun doing too.


There are many websites which you can register on to start selling your items. I would say do some research into them before joining one.

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Is it relatively easy to get in to? I am really interested and have done this as a fun thing before but really enjoy and get off on people wanting my worn undies :relaxed: x

I am a larger figured woman but I am sure some guys will still like that :slightly_smiling_face:

When you send pictures and video clips are they full body pics, just of the items they are purchasing being worn or a mix of all sorts?


Ok, firstly it is very very easy to get into. I have an OnlyFans account etc but my used/worn lingerie is all on another site completely, a site that’s completely dedicated to this purpose. Clients actually usually only go to my OnlyFans afyer they’ve discovered me on the underwear website and after they’ve bought items from me. I’d love to tell you the site but I can’t break any forum rules here. If you search online you’ll find a few really good sites that serve this specific purpose @Bex84.

I will also tell you now, I know many many other girls who do this, and I actually believe most guys want items from the larger ladies, although I don’t feel you or anyone should class themselves as that. You’re sensational and trust me @Bex84, you’d make a killing! Seriously - I’d be your first customer :rofl:

When I send pictures and videos it’s really a mix of everything. I send a mix of full body and even my face quite often in videos as I do quite a lot of dirty talking while I masturbate, sometimes I’ll just send photos of the underwear, the mess I’ve made of them and close up masturbation with them, stuffing them inside myself etc but it’s always different and I mix it up a lot and it depends a lot on what’s been requested and payed for. Some girls don’t send any extra pictures and videos but it’s really each to their own and I charge a whole lot more for extra content, videos and pictures, phone calls, cock ratings and sexting and a daily/weekly girlfriend experience costs considerably more but trust me, they get their money’s worth and they all come back :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve had quite a few people ask me for little pots of juices and squirt, pee, cream pies into a pot and even little pots of spit believe it or not. Honestly, the list is endless and I’m more often than not happy to play along.


After a long and busy day at work, I’ve had a shower (underwear removed only for this purpose of course and then straight back on) and I’ve just had the most sensational masturbation session while also making a little video with the aforementioned thongs, bringing myself to orgasm several times with just using my Doxy wand through my underwear and playing with my boobs and nipples. I literally came three times within 25 minutes. Not my best show by far but damn it felt good. The underwear, my bed and myself now completely soaked :woman_facepalming:t3:

I’m now back downstairs in my living room, still a little twitchy between the legs, curled up on my sofa under my giant chunky knit blanket, watching The Notebook and still wearing the thongs and nothing else at all, but now with a disastrously cummy wet patch in them. I love it!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
(don’t worry, my sofa has a throw) :joy:

I keep catching my husband, at the other end of the sofa, looking at my very erect nipple that’s just poking out the side of my blanket… he thinks I havn’t let my one boob peak out on purpose :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Anyway, it’s time for a large glass of wine - it is Saturday night after all - and a quick bit of sexting with my client while I send some photos and the video of my earlier playtime.

My husband doesn’t know it yet, but in a couple of hours or so I’m going to drag his big self upstairs, push him down onto our bed, tie his wrists to our Lovehoney under-bed restraints - these are always set up ready - and treat him to some well deserved cock worshiping, edited - the kind where I’ll let him finish right down the bottom of my throat while I try not to choke - I have absolutely no gag reflex but holding a large 7 inches down your throat for a continuous 20 seconds during and after his orgasm… well, a girl starts to run out of oxygen :sweat_smile: all while still wearing the thongs and likely bringing myself to cum in them again while rubbing my clit through them, right infront of his face while simultaneously taking a throat-pie. :yum:

Just a standard Saturday night at my house these days.


Oh, I also bought 5 new sets of matching bra and g-string/thong collections on my lunch break today. Some I’ll wear and wash and use daily until a client picks them from my selection photos I send and some will stay new and unworn until somebody wants me to do whatever they choose me to do to/with/in them - some clients like brand new items that I’ve never worn before.

Have a lovely Saturday evening everyone



Is there much of a market for men in selling underwear or onlyfans?

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Yes and yes! I won’t lie, there is definitely a lot less men doing it than girls I would say, but loads of men sell underwear on the site I sell from and also millions of men have very successful OnlyFans accounts. We live in brilliant times where anyone can be and do whatever they wish sexually (within laws of course), men, women and any gender for that matter can be very successful selling all forms of sex and seduction without feeling shamed :relaxed:

I have no shame!


No shame here either, plus I enjoy showing off whether it looks great or not


Confidence is king in this game. That is my real advice. If you’re not confident, then atleast pretend to be :rofl:


Thank you so so much I will definitely have a look and maybe have a couple of goes to see what it’s like :relaxed: xx


You’ll never know until you try. Who knows, you may even end up being a buyer instead… :wink:

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The thought has crossed my mind a number of times lol :see_no_evil: xx

Think you may have awoken a beast lol :see_no_evil: xx I’m now underwear shopping pmsl :joy:


New or used? :rofl:

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@Blonde_Bunny what does it cost to set up am account only fans

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Haha new for the moment pmsl :joy:

Wonder if there is a market for twice worn panties by two girls lol :joy: