:bum3: Selling My Knickers - Worn Underwear & Lingerie

I’m no expert in this but I get the impression that both ways are possible. Certainly some indicate they have orders up to a certain date. @Blonde_Bunny would be the expert to get advice from but I am not sure how often she has been on here recently. Good luck @sal_n_dave

@sal_n_dave you can wear for pictures, or just take pictures of them off the body. Some buyers will want to see them on before buying, some just want to see the body they are going on. When buying I always wanted clean prior to wear items. Sometimes it hard to tell how long items have sat worn before purchase. Start trying one or more ways and see what works, your buyers typically will let you know what they like and will usually communicate their wishes well, but don’t hesitate to ask for their preferences.

As a heads up, pay attention to a buyers history, and verification. There are plenty of scammers and getting burned on a deal or constantly having dead ends can kill the mood to sell. This comes from a couple with both way experiences.

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As @Sir_and_Her said just be careful of scammers plenty out there. That said plenty will willingly want to buy you underwear.

Just note this, some buyers will want nothing to do with your partner. If they think you had sex with that partner prior to wearing the underwear or afterwards, they will know. Some buyers of course would like that but don’t lie about it. Say what you were doing at the time, or not doing so to speak.

Be honest about it and you’d be surprised as to what people want.

The time you lie is the time you stop selling.