Sex games .. free!

Just got advertised a date night for the bedroom book with ideas … we can be a little kinky but it would be fun to do silly intimate stuff …

So I don’t want to pay for the book … any ideas … the video seemed to have them both hands tied behind wrists … which looked fun … until someone knocks the door :sweat_smile:

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So a couple of years ago, we wanted to spice things up a little as we were heading towards our anniversary; we created our own little ‘Jar of Delights’ - we wrote down 30 (because that’s how many days were in the month we were doing it) little tasks that ranged from soft and intimate (like sharing a naked snuggle for 5 minutes) to full on role-play scenarios - but the game was that we each took it in turns to pull a task out at random each day - and the goal was to have it completed by the end of the day. We had so much fun doing it, and it cost nothing because we utilised any items we already had in the house. I had a left over gold jar from a burnt out candle we reused, plus good old fashioned pen and paper! It was exciting because we knew what challenges were in the jar; it was the anticipation of pulling them out! It also showed us how important it was for us to make sure we take the time out and share a little bit of intimacy - and it didn’t need to be a full on sex show! I was a huge fan of the ‘naked snuggle’ challenge.


This sounds like a fantastic idea!

We definitely enjoyed it! I’m thinking we might update the jar and give it another go!

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Oooo a jar update! What mysteries will it behold :smile:

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Does anyone fancy sharing what they would put in the jar?

Did a similar thing with a jar and wooden ice lolly sticks, colour coded one end (blue for soft, red for more full on) and then wrote the task on the other end. Placed them in the jar colour side up and hey presto! instant fun. Allowed us to pick what sort of level we wanted but keeping the surprise element.


That’s a wonderful idea! Guess I’m going to have to buy loads of lollies now so I can get a months supply of sticks :wink:

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@DavidB1986 its a good excuse :sweat_smile: I just pinched a packet of blank ones out of the OH’s craft supplies.

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Great idea this. The wife and I are currently doing a very similar sort of thing and using the forum to find and discuss ideas we can add to our pot/jar

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I think this is a great idea may have too steal it if you dont mind


Hmm, I wonder if we could make one all together, similar to the Role Play Generator :thinking:


I like this idea - lollipop sticks at the ready (though right now I’d probably just poke him with the sticks and glare evilly). Lol

We use a spinning wheel app that allows you to customise the blades with anything you want on it (20 lashes of a flogger, oral sex for x minutes etc), options are endless as to what can be done.


Ohh this sounds interesting. Not sure if allowed but what app? @Senator

ios app was called riny decisions, but google play has various ones too

This has definitely got legs!