🎉 Let's create a sexy game!

Following on from the discussion in Sex games … free!, lets create a sexy game/suggestion/saucy task generator (similar to our Role-Play Generator).

Pop your steamy suggestions down below! :smiley:


Just a few suggestions from the OH and my ‘jar of delights’.

• Pop out to the shops whilst wearing a toy.

• ‘Golden Ticket’ - redeemable at any time, entitles the bearer to one act/position etc. from a pre-approved list.

• ‘The naked chef’ - you must cook a meal for your OH naked, they may distract you any way they wish.


How about a position generator, Utilising all of the Position of the week data?

Could go specific act generator with categories, eg oral, bondage, the existing roleplay one & more!


Sub or Dom for the day

Role/gender ‘dress up’ swap for the day with each partner choosing the others clothes

Write down a secret wish or fantasy and if your partner guesses correctly, you must act it out (be careful what you wish for)

Sexy truth or dare


Blindfold me and whisper to me about a crush, real or fantasy that you have and what you’d like to do with them whilst I watch :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Give your OH a handjob or bj outside in daylight (wherever you want, your outside space, car)

Once your OH is home strip down to a robe so they get a sneak peek, flashes of your body to entice. Sometimes making the rules no touching until you are crazy hot or allowing caresses, fondling

Window shop for a new toy together or actually buy it but there needs to be consensus and discussion about potential enjoyment and how it wouldn’t work

Talk with each other about restraints? Pegging? Any new thing you haven’t tried together?

Read erotica together or a book on being better lovers, but don’t touch each other

Watch How to build a sex room :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: together

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Sex hunt! When away for a weekend/day send a gift for delivery to partner with a clue to where an item is located in the house, item could be a sex toy, sexy note, bottle of booze, new bit of clothing, etc. Leave a note to message you when they find the item and after a suitable delay send the clue to the next item. By the end of the day they have a full on kit of items for play when you get home.

A jar of treats! Both partners write down a load of options from really simple, a nice massage or romantic dinner…… to extreme things that neither would usually do, flash a stranger in the bar with no underwear on or masturbate outside etc And you have to do them no matter what even if it’s one you have written down! You could do it over a week or even a month one task each a day and make it as daring or as simple as you want :grin:


Lets not flash strangers, they’ve not given consent to be a part of your sexual fantasies. Being flashed is not sexy.


Use your partner as plate for a sexy snack. Can be messy like a trifle, eat food off / out of each others body parts, or even erotically feed them, especially if they are blindfolded.


I guess you could see what I wrote as trying to flash others. Not when I meant, I’ll clarify. I have a very large backyard with a forested area with bushes and not clear site lines. Nearest neighbors are half a block away at least :laughing: there’s very little chance of seeing anything. Plus we could cuddle under a blanket watching a fire together outside @JoCat

No, you didn’t say anything about flashing strangers. Your comment was about flashing your OH at home, not strangers.

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Okay, I understand. I guess because we’ve been married almost 30 years, we see it very differently. We just came thru a very dry few years and are reconnecting sexually and intimately in such a fabulous way that we see this as a very nice form of foreplay. Our communication is soo much better than it has been.

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I’m not understanding, my comment wasn’t directed at you.

Communication absolutely is the most important tool in a relationship. I’m happy you’re both having fun :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I’ll retract my statement there apologies if I offended anyone and certainly wouldn’t want to put that out there I may have got carried away a tad :grimacing::joy: again no offence! illegal or non consensual activities should NOT be involved in that game :man_facepalming:t3: this is why I don’t write instructions :sweat_smile:


All gravy.


Wear nothing but lacy suspenders, stockings and stilettos and either arrive just wearing that under a coat or greet your OH in it when they get home :fire:


Lovely topic!

I want to play with my partner edging game, we decided it yesterday. I am allowed to orgasm, but he is not. We can have sex, but he must slow down if he is near climax. Lets see how long he is able to hold it! I will tease him and have sex with him maybe every day :smiley:

Often he cums too early, so maybe this games helps him to learn how to delay it more.

And, then we will try another game… so that either of us can not cum… but we can have sex. May be difficult for both!

And then we will try so that he is allowed to cum but im not…


Sexy stories

We play this - I give my partner a scenario, and then she makes up sexy story on the spot and tells it to me!


Here’s some to add to the list:

  • Find a new place in the house for sex. Kitchen, bath, living room, chair, sofa, floor, etc.
  • Sex while seated on chair or sofa, facing each other and facing away.
  • Full body oil massage before initiating sex.
  • Have sex at a time before bed. Lunch time romp, morning sex, or after work, etc.
  • Oral only sex
  • Shower sex
  • Slow sensual fucking. Quarter speed, long slow and steady strokes. If you start pounding away you lose! First to orgasm finish the other off in any way.
  • Read erotica together before sex. Find good erotica online and each pick a short story.