Sex in High Heels!

They do it in virtually all the porno's you ???

(Where's Laynie ? )

Not on a regular occasion, but it's fun once in a while. As my boyfriend is constantly pointing out, several of my shoes aren't much good for anything other than having sex in, lol.

Wo0t... I have had sex in my heels a few times... as you can imagine i need the height!!

yea i like to do it in heels once in a while, my bf loves it.

Leather or suede boots the longer up the leg the better, and the bigger the heel the better too. Great if you are shorter than your partner too, makes it easier for standing up fun... as long as you have good balance that is!!!

Everytime i buy a new pair of shoes i have sex in them. I think its a way of getting my bf to associate sex with shoes and maybe buy me a few more pairs!!

It makes sex bent over something a lot easier because it give me a bit of height.

as i always wear flats all my heels are kept for sex, i love shoes but dont find wearing heels comfy so we save them for the house!!

I've got loads of bedroom high heels/boots/'porno' shoes.

Jo you have an idea there girl... all women should try to have sex in heels to get men to buy them more.. that is just a classic..*bustintg a gut laughing*

Yes, I must say I love that way of thinking, Jo-Marie *giggles* Does it work?

Oh yes last week i had to buy new shoes for work but fell in love with these gorge polka dot peek toes.

I couldnt afford both at the time so he said hed buy them both and id buy food.

Food only came to a fiver and he insisted i tried them on when we got home! Hehe.

Food, shoes and sex, now thats the way to live!

^^ sounds fine by me hun... what a great day...he shopped with did you swintg that? my hubby will only on line shop with me... and that is only cos its all sex toys and undies :S lmao!

lol i really must try that idea maybe i will get some shoes out of it! yea my bf hates shopping with me it will be hard enough trying to get him out the door let alone buying me shoes! lol

Too right...same here. he only leaves the house if its to get himself a paper, he is on his pc much of the time..not that im much different.....and oh shit a massive spider just climbed up the wall at the side of my head..eeewwwyyyy i just had three kittens looking at it,...any way yeah no shoppy shoppy with my man..

My man actually quite likes shopping :) It's great, because I'm a total shopoholic.

Never tried it myself...but surely it would put some guys off?

Bought myself some new high heels for just this but when they arrived they were too small :( Don't wanna be distracted by sore feet so I've sent them back and awaiting my new pair. Rather disappointing! I've never kept my shoes on during sex up to now, I was looking forward to giving it a go.

Replacement heels arrived a couple of days ago and my boyfriend certainly appreciated them, they stayed on the whole time. Just had to be a little more careful that I didn't do any damage with them as we maved around!

lol.... I have broken an heel off before durin love making... i just kicked off the broken shoe and did it cinderella style!!

Wife and I had sex a few days ago with her wearing her new 5" heels with ankle strap, black stockings, red suspender belt and panties, black leather knee length skirt and sleeveless top with no bra. She looked absolutely dirty!!! Awesome indeed. The heels put her at my hight. It made fondling those leather clad buttocks a lot lot easier. Same again for the weekend I hope, complete with vid cam to film the event!!