Sex in public changing rooms

Hi me and my oh want to have sex when shopping but all the changing rooms we have tried can't get him in with me dose anyone no any good shops to try we live in Bristol xoxo

At risk of sounding like a complete prude - Just don't. First, it's involving non-consenting members of the public in your kink, and second - It's really important for disabled people to be able to take their carers into changing rooms with them. Often their carer will be opposite-sex (because the carer is their pertner, or that's just who the agency sent, or whatever). Every time someone is caught sneaking their opposite-sex partner into a changing room to have sex with them, that store will be less likely to let a disabled person take their carer into the changing room with them, thus basically stopping them from trying on clothes.

No kink is worth making other people's lives harder.

I'm afraid I agree with the above too - don't forget it is not just adults that use changing rooms!

Also this should probably be in the "Sex Tips & Talk" forum, not this one.

Yes I agree but we just want some new public places to try things out that's all xoxo

Any ideals xoxo

Idea; find somewhere that is technically public but has no risk of being caught. Avoids breaking the law and making other people intensely uncomfortable. Always remember, you may find it hot but it's extremely selfish to have sex somewhere where you are likely to expose someone to your sexual activities or make them have to clean up after you (which they will, no matter how 'neat' you think you were).

A changing room is definitely not the place!

I'd say first thing is to always skip places where not just adults will be ;)

Have you thought of using remote controlled eggs? They can be good for using in a public place. Or wearing a butt plug whilst out too?
To be honest I haven't had sex outside too often so I don't really know any good places. I do have a fantasy of staying in a hotel with a balcony and having sex on the balcony though x

Oh that was supposed to be in response to your over thread.. oopsie

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As somebody who works in retail, I can 100% guarentee that this sort of thing can land you in deep, deep trouble. And although the thought is quite sexy, it's seriously not worth the risk, as it can lead to being arrested and charged.

I just wouldn't risk it. Not worth it.

As a former worker I encountered thus only one time but a mother shipping with a child were the ones who came out and complained. We called the police.

The only "public" place I have done it, was at a swimming pool in a unisex shower/changing room. There was absolutley 0 chance of being caught/heard/seen, but no way would we have done it otherwise as it would land us in HUGE trouble. For me, that isn't worth it and very unfair on people that would have to deal with it.

Ozzie Princess-Mary wrote:

No kink is worth making other people's lives harder.

This used to be a fantasy of mine, but since actually working with fitting rooms, that idea has gone out the window as I know how it feels for the people who have to deal with it.

The store I work in which sells both sex toys and lingerie, so this is something I have to keep an eye out for all the time. Because of the type of store it is some people think that it will be easier to get away with/ or be more acceptable to do such thing in, others actually believe they are there for 'private' services -_-
Because of that, our store is restricted to one person in a cubical at a time as you could also have women fooling around in there, which we have had many time before.

Just like what Ozzie Princess-Mary said ^^

i agree with what others have said, only store i've shopped in recently where it would be feesable as changing rooms are mixed is primark even then i wouldn't risk it as luckily fully clothed i had a teenager come along thinking the one i was in was vacant i i guess a closed door or fully pulled to curtain doesn't make it obvious enough that it's in use

I'm going to be the devil's advocate here, but I have had sex in public changing rooms before, and I would do it again if I have the opportunity.

HOWEVER the concerns raised in this thread are completely legitimate and I always did it only in special circumstances where I was 400% not to hurt anybody's feelings. Where I used to live, there were stores which had changing rooms which were a complete maze. Not in a straight line, corners everywhere, huge doors that hide everything, dozens of changing rooms, etc. AND the most important part as far as I'm concerned, customers had to wait at the entrance of the whole thing before an empoyee tells them to go to an available changing room. AND people who were done trying on clothes would leave the door open so people knew in which changing room they should go. And we only did it in a changing room far away from the entrance.

This being said, I think it really requires these circumstances and I wouldn't do it otherwise Although, I've had sex in a hall in my highschool but I was 18 and completely crazy. We never got caught though.

When we were single my wife and myself went swimming once a week regulary.It was in the evening so we would make use of a family changing room that had a free stading changing unit for babies in it.
We always used to make good use of it to the point where she had to bite a towel to keep her noise down. Hvaent been back to that pool along stapleton road since we got married. Might have to one day for old times sake.

MysticalMayhem wrote:

You used a baby change unit in a public swimming pool for sex? People put their babies on it!! I'm sorry but I'm shocked an appalled at that. :(

Just hope they cleaned up. I know people who've done this. I personally wouldn't have sex on any child furniture or belongings, it would feel wrong to me :(

MysticalMayhem wrote:

You used a baby change unit in a public swimming pool for sex? People put their babies on it!! I'm sorry but I'm shocked an appalled at that. :(

We had a towel underneath us.

MysticalMayhem wrote:

I agree, as a "victim" of child abuse, I really get grossed out by this sort of thing.

Fail to see what a couple in a changing room has to do with child abuse. So is a pregnant women having sex child abuse too ?