Sex party

Me and my partner are going to a sex party tonight for the first time since before covid. Wish me luck :joy:


Tell us how it went - what did you get up to ….

Good luck, I hope you both have a great time and as others have said tell us more tomorrow.


Whoop! Hope you have a great time, would love to hear about it after.

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Yes please do tell all

Good luck! Have fun! Stay safe!


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Have fun

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Play safe and have a great time :wink:

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Not been for ages, literally years, and we used to call them bare as you dare, or hot tub, parties. There was lots of sex obviously (and I am still friends with the couple who came out of one party with a special memory 9 months later) but not actual sex parties.

I loved that period in my life. Mostly because of all the nudity but I loved the sex too.

I doubt I will go to another now.


Best of luck @jojoheely , hope you have fun :blush:

Have a great time. Enjoy the experience.

For people who were asking the party was very fun :joy::yum::smiling_face:


So glad you enjoyed it :blush: @jojoheely

Well I got tied down to a chair eaten and kicked out both holes by 3 guys and then there’s no nice way of saying this…fucked by 4 men including my partner…best day I’ve had in a while :joy::yum:


That was some party :joy:

I do hope you mean ‘licked’ out!?!:rofl:

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I hope you mean licked out rather than kicked out. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself and had a wonderful night, I hope your partner enjoyed the experience as well… @jojoheely

I read that and thought it must be a new term that I’ve not heard of, didn’t even dawn on me that it could’ve been a simple spelling mistake lol

Blooming heck yes I did mean licked out stupid auto correct :joy: