Sex Toy Tester - Chit-Chat

Sorry I’m confused, no disrespect

How does one find out that their reviews are live? Do we get an email notification? I’m excited to start!

@sjlondon1 , I’m afraid not anymore, you just have to keep an eye on the product page for reviews you’ve submitted. If you sort the reviews by “Newest” any recently submitted ones will appear at the top regardless of rating though, which makes it much easier. Welcome aboard!

Hi @Dustin_69c10 :wave:
Are you confused about the Trust Levels on the forum or Lovehoney’s Tester Program? I’m sure there are lots of us that can answer any questions.

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No, for some reason it would not come of respond… So that’s why said. Thank you for responding

No problem, on a phone screen the little dustbin will always cancel a post. Sure there’s something similar on the desktop version though I use my phone for everything so I’m not quite sure what it looks like. Hope that helps and welcome to the forum!

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Thank you so much :smiling_face:. I appreciate that :heart:

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Can you test me how many valid reviews i have please

I would like to know for myself to, or at least how to find out haha

how do i become a tester

Welcome to the forum tax have a read of The Great Big Review and Testing Guide
It’ll give you everything you need :grin: have fun

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