Sex Toy Tester - Chit-Chat

This is the place to chat about the latest items on the Tester List, and ask any questions not covered in The Great Big Review and Testing Guide. :smiley:

And here are a couple of Pro-Tips to help make sure you’re the first to hear about all the new testers:

:lovehoney_heart_2: Pro Tips:

  • Whenever the Tester List gets an update a message is posted in the Sex Toy Tester Thread. And if you set that topic to “Watching” you’ll get a notification every time new items are added.

  • To never miss a Secret Tester go to the #testers category and set the Notification Bell to ‘Watching First Post’, and you’ll get a notification every time a new Tester topic is created.

Couple of Questions

  1. Can i verify if i’m actually on the tester list at all?
  2. If i have a shared account with my partner will be get Toys for both Men & Women?
  3. What can i do to stand out other than just reviews, Already have a few down?
  4. Does actually purchasing a tester toy rank you higher for being selected later on?
  5. Regarding adding your items to your public wish list, How often should i clean this up? Is there a chance an item that was on a list i will get if it’s removed?
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  1. Your tester list is correctly named so yes, you’re set up correctly.
  2. If you volunteer for both and are suited to them then you will be eligible
  3. Reviews are the best way, there’s a handy guide for writing brilliant reviews here
  4. Nope
  5. Ideally every time the list is updated, once the list is updated the items are no longer available for review.

Hi @Lovehoney_Brenna!

I know you’re probably not looking for any feedback, in which case I apologise in advance, but unfortunately I really can’t help myself in this case!

I just wanted to say how truly wonderful the new layout for the testers threads looks - you clearly spent so much time perfecting it, and personally I love it! :star_struck:

It really does look so much more organised and clear, so thank you so much for all the work that you have put into this, and for keeping the forum looking amazing as always!

Hope you have a lovely afternoon! :kissing_closed_eyes:


Aw thank you! Hopefully we can streamline the process a bit so it’s clearer to newbies :smiley:

Have a lovely afternoon too! :purple_heart:


@Lovehoney_Brenna hi Brenna can you check if I am on the tester lis many thanks

Hi I think I put myself on the tester list could you confirm this please. I’ve also reviewed the products I’ve purchased. So hoping one day the wife and I could test and review some for you

Hey both,

As long as your tester wishlist is set up correctly you are both set up. There isn’t a physical list of testers :slight_smile:

@AWB1955 you have 3 tester wishlists, you only need 1. They should also only contain item from this list:

@Happilymarriedman84 I can’t find your review profile, are you using a different name on here?

chi Brenna can you take two off for me thanks

I can’t adjust your wishlists, only you can do that :slight_smile:

Hi yeah I’m using the same but with out the 84 on the end

Is this you?

how do i do that sorry i am usless

  1. image

I think I have deleted the items and only have one tester list with 6 items is that correct now

The items that are in the final list are not items that are available for review. Only items from this page should be on the list:

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Yeah that’s me sorry I’m new to this will have to sort it out cheers

Have a read of this guide, it should explain the process a bit more :slight_smile: All testers start somewhere!

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