Sex with a showerhead

The jets of water shot through me with an intensity that had been missing for a while. The possibilities of this seated bath-cum-power shower had definitely caught me off-guard, and cum was exactly what I was about to do. My fantasies of the tanned Kiwi with the sexy drawl, the man I shared a room with, but not yet a bed in this New York hostel had finally found some release. However, it was the voyeurism with which I enjoyed this new, intimate view of my body, seated, spread-eagled, completely focused on nothing but my vagina, to the curl of my toes. My body, fresh and glistening stood out against the pristine white of the bathroom. This was more intimate than any vibrator. As I moved the shower head forward and back the variations of strength and the many spots it could reach made me lean back against the tiles and moan. I came slowly, without frustration. This was real masturbation; unexpected, unforced and joyful. What made it all the more sweet was that whilst I was turned on by the possibility of discovery of those queueing outside, the gushing of water couldn't have sounded more innocent.

when i want some peice and quite i go i the shower and i use the shower i think its a fantastic way to cum i do it regulally

Oh, how I miss my old power shower!
Where I currently live has a rather wussy shower, with barely enough power to properly rinse my hair never mind make me come.

have to say that this is not something i have done but hey it seems that i should maybe give it a go and i will have a shower def tonight!!!!!! write again soon....

i,ll definatly have to give this a go

Something i've done for a long time... alternate hot and cold water for such an intense orgasm, it really finishes off a relaxing shower!

the shower head is a great way to make u cum i have used it for years. i preffer it when the shower is cold love the feel of the cold water washing over my clit

i will have to to try the alternating hot to cold,
my bf uses the shower on me wen were gettin horny in the shower

Oooh.. this sounds good.. I will definatly be having a shower tonight and ill get back to you lot and tell you how good it was Haha xxxx

lmao always love the shower head gets u off first time lol

Shower massagers are brilliant! I've had a I think about it my current one is broken and just shoots a high velocity jet, which is fine, does the job, but I miss the thudding massage it used to provide.

They're a quick, easy and sneaky way to get off without everyone else in the house hearing. Unless you're a screamer then you have no hope. It's all in the name of cleanliness!

thank you everyone!! i read this thread this morning and i tried it and WOW!!


My hubby and I used to have a shower in our old house and he used to use the power shower on me all the time...... ahhhh sigh they were happy days :P

Oh the joy of discovering the power shower! I've always been a shower wanker but the new power shower we installed is truly outstanding. And you can choose the jets you get: Hmm, shall I have 'rain' or 'massage' for my orgasm this morning? Bliss!

LOL... i'm getting a new shower soon... we havent had a shower for 6 years ( Dirty cow.. i hear) since we moved.. now its just boring bath :'(

you know the bath/shower vibes and toys are they loud? as i only want one if there quiet

Emma you could always take in your fav dildo, thats what I do ;)

emmabi23, it all depends on the one you get. There's a HUGE range of waterproof and splashproof toys out there, all with ranging noise levels.
However, I've heard using vibes in the bath greatly increases their noise level -- never had a chance to find out for myself, though, as the house I've been living in since I started buying toys just has a shower!

A decent shower head is fab, it really is an orgasm on tap(sorry) without the need for any batteries!
First discovered that little beauty in my teens, but to be honest, had forgotten about that simple pleasure until reading these threads! my current shower is next to useless, so nows a good as time as any i think to invest in a power shower.. And yes, i've also heard about the noisy vibes in the bath.. Don't risk it, use the shower, if you haven't already tried it, you really don't know what your missing!