Sexy board games for adults

I have a copy of monogamy. Read my review of it. It is a cut above other games I have seen.

Nice review, Colonel:

Has anyone got any ideas for adapting regular board games for rude purposes? Strip Backgammon?

Strip backgammon could be good. Especially as my wife is not very good at it. We have adapted a computer game to make it a little more interesting. Specifically, one person plays the game for a set period of time whilst the other tries to 'distract' them. After each party has had a go you either repeat until you can't take it any more or the loser does a forfeit.

The Gay Play game is good, and it'll work for
gay/straight/lesbian or any type of couple!

I love nookie, when we first had it we couldn`t stop playing it. Always take it on holiday. Having thought about it, I think we will play it tonight, "chill out" music a bottle of wine and fantastic sex!!! Yum!!

I like the idea of turning a computer game into an erotic challenge. We've been playing far too much "hot seat" Civilization 4 - you take it in turns to have a go - so that would be ideal for some distraction...

Will have to have a go on Nookii -- is it just a game for two? I take it you don't play it with the whole family after Christmas lunch?!

lol no definetly dont play it with family after christmas lunch! i used to have that game nookii but then when we split up we thre it away.:( its a great game though and very sexy, you get cards with instructions on telling you what to do etc,u also get a silky blindfold and timer etc. if you have CLOSE friends like extra fu*k buddies then id sayplay it with tem but if not then the two of you its fantastic.

i have got the bedroom game which i brought from lovehoney for £9.99 and it looks rally good but we have nt had chance to play it yet. also i have played fantasy for lovers board game from ann summers £15.99 which was a fantastic game.yesterday i recieved my dirty dominoes from lovehoney and wow they are review should be on them should be posted on soon.

i have a game called sex web,i brought it from pabo and costs about £19.99,the idea of the game is good,its a dice rolling game,you have to choose people to take items off clothing off,and you have to get to the center of the web,and on the way you have to collect 3 types of cards,the winner then has to perform these acts on the cards to one of the other players(well thats our rules,the actual rules dont make sense,doesnt explain what you do at the end),but over all, its a great game to play with your partner, or with some CLOSE friends.

Hey guys - and Girls, just found this site and looks like fun. We have defaced Jenga games with great success - have one as a sex game with instructions written on the pieces like "nibble a nip" and "tickle a fancy" Works great with two or more people. As you pull the pieces out, you have to do what it says. We also made one into a drinking game with commands like "all drink" "person to your left drink 2"

The boyfriend and I alter strip poker slightly when we play it, we use 'favours' once our clothes have come off. It's ace for teasing and really gets us going :D

Ye my m8s got the bored game monogamy i'll look into it 4 u apparently its quite good though

OK got the results lol i played it lastnight wit my bf and another couple, our friends. The game lasts about 4 hours but that was only because its mainly meant for couples so its probably half the time if its just u and ur other half, Its a very good game actually there's loads of tips and ideas 4 u to try, and it also allows you to get to know each other better. There's 3 sets of cards pink,purple and red u start off on the pink wich is mainly things like answering dirty questions or sum normal questions and you work your way up to red which are doing dirty things, you also get loads of fantasy cards after u go round the board once which you can use whenever in the game you decide, there's the obvious tasks aswell which involves strippin,drinking,kissing, anything you choose or seductively eating food which are all on the bored.
think that covers everything lol

Can't wait for the review on the love dominoes, I have seen them and thought they'd make a gr8 present for a fun lovinng couple or for my other half.

Nookii is a fabulous game for loosening up after a hard day... my wife and I play it regularly and have great fun doing so. We also bought boxes of the game for our friends and we rarely see them as they are playing it all the time. Three conceptions in our circle of friends are down to nookii! Brilliant Valentine's gift if you've done the choccie's lingerie and thatre tickets to death...

Twister for the win lol

LMAO - Karmasheetra looks brilliant! Much better than Twister for bedroom fun. I've always found the Kama Sutra a little scary, but this seems really user friendly!

Got to agree, Monogamy is a really good game!! Though it gets you so horny you may not finish it!! :)

Its got to be Monogamy! But you do need lots of will and staying power.

This isn't quite a request for a board game but does anybody know of a game, board or otherwise that is meant for couples in long distance relationships? We already own monogamy and nookie is next on the list but we've yet to find any kind of game that can be played over the phone or a web cam. (try typing sex game and webcam in the same search!!). We've invented a couple of games but there must be something 'official' out there?