Sexy Time during aunt flo?


Just curious really, does anyone still continue with sex when the lady has her monthly visit? I remember on a film, being grossed out by the comment 'it's ok..I have towels!' but now, the thought that this weekend when I see my BF I might have my period and miss out is seriously annoying!!!


I have never really had that problem...With my x our sex life was non existing. Luckley enough with my new partner, my flow lands the first week he goes back to work, so i dont have the problem when hes home. But there has been an acorance with him and we like didnt the first 2 days, but got so horney we just went for it the rest of the time....

Maybe you could say to him and see what he says about it...

andserkiel I know exactly what u mean, I am always horniest then too!! then by the end of it I'm like.. meh..whatever lol

mybadx good idea, might have to ask next time and see if he's up for it...can;'t see him turning down sex tbh, altho I think it could freak a guy out lol.

Yeah i know it could, but then if you are in a proper relationship i cant see it really being a problem if you know what i mean...Its one of these things of life, and i also found that it dosent seem to make too much mess just depends on the position you are in...the term gravity springs to mind without going into too much detail...

haha lol, I get your point ;)

Good Good. I wanted to put it in a way that didnt sound too bad.. (:


There is a way to stop them alltogether if you are on the pill and its not to stop taking it, just continue to the next pack when you have finnished one...Stops them totally.

Its not advised by doctors but it dose you no harm.

mybadx wrote:

Its not advised by doctors but it dose you no harm.

It keeps the old tissue in your womb, a bit mank really! Plus it doesn't give you a break from the chemical hormones, which is really not good for you either. You should always listen to your Dr.

Point Taken PA.

Andserkiel, good point lol. Im not on the pill causes me too much problems...They want to put me on the depo which im not sure of heard it causes weight gain which would really bother me..


I agree the 7 day break is there for a reason, Ive only ever used it through to stop AF appearing when we were either away for the weekend or I timed it really bad and had a holiday lol, Im not on the pill any more.

me and hubby play generally at that time of the month usually clitoral etc, and go for it big time when the painters leave, its usually wild and greatful as hes gagging for it. after all a break is good for the system

My poor man is about to have to get used to AF all over again, as I've had a 4 month stretch on the pill with no breaks (medically advised, don't worry!). Such fun, but all good times have to come to an end

Personally, I have never had sex during my period because I find the thought a bit yucky to be honest. Think I would find it a major turn off, but the great thing about that is I get to spend the week pleasuring him, and then he gets to pay me back. Not all investments turn out bad LOL

Some pills are 28 days and designed to stop your periods entirely so those are safe to take all the time. I used cerazette to do that when I had really really painful periods.


Im really not keen on the weight gain or the mood swings..

i may see if they put me on something else.


Yeah thats why im willing to give it a try....


there's a hormonal implant that lasts an absolute age but can be taken out any time. It's inserted just under the skin on the arm. I'm told its quite good but as per usual side effects vary per person. Maybe ask about it?

They have tried to give me it before and i just point bank refuse...

The idea of them getting it in there and taking it out is a no-no. Needles etc and things being inserted in my skin, im faint at...First signs of one makes my hand sweaty and i just want to run.

mybadx wrote:

They have tried to give me it before and i just point bank refuse...

The idea of them getting it in there and taking it out is a no-no. Needles etc and things being inserted in my skin, im faint at...First signs of one makes my hand sweaty and i just want to run.

Oh yeah, I feel you on that one! I hate the thought of the coil as well as the implant, we use condoms as the pill plays havoc with my hormones and kills my sex drive - I could try different ones until I find the right one, but gah, after a few different ones it's just awkward to try for a few months of feeling crappy and hardly any sex :(

Imelda - Cerazette doesn't neccesarily stop your period, it's differnet for each woman. I took Cerazette for about five months and still had my periods while I was on it.

I had the coil and loved it...Only problem was the lower abdomen pain a year later. And i was gutted it had to come out, no periods and no side affects for that year. And the best bit was it was put in and you really could forget about it. I would have another one in a minute if i could.
I cant stand using condoms, they really do my head in...i hate the feel of them. And my OH hates them too, as soon as he has come with it on thats it no more sex as its the hassel of taking it off and changing it just changes the whole mood, where as without one we just dont bother stoping...

There is a new pill out called jasmin one of my mates is on it and she highly recomends it, so i may ask the doctor about it..But the only thing i find is rembering to take the god damn thing!!

I'm on Depo, have been for about six years on and off now. I'm quite a heavy girl anyway, so if it did make me gain weight I didn't notice. I also suffer from depression, and I don't find it has an effect, but I do notice that my PMS is pretty nasty! But I find that when I know I'm PMSing, I can cope with it.

So, it works for me (obviously since I'm on it six years!) but that might not be the case for everyone. One thing I would say is that if you're not sure, don't go for it - because unlike the pill where you can stop taking it, or the implant where you can take it out, you're stuck with the injection for three months if it doesn't suit you.

It does stop my periods completely, so I don't have to worry abour period sex anymore - but even when I was getting periods, it never bothered me or any of my partners. Obvioulsly there was no oral or anything, but I've never had a problem with penetration while on my period, I find it eases my cramps and crankiness!

Thanks for that shellyboo...
I think you are right an just say i want something else...

3 months is abit long to suffer if it wasnt to agree with me