Shag, Marry, Avoid

So its exactly what it sounds like! I Will choose 3 well known people, you just reply with who you would shag, who you would marry and who you would avoid! Then choose 3 people for the next person. The first 3 people are. 1. Boris Johnson 2. Diane Abbot 3. Matt Hancock

I dunno who 2 of them are...and I only know of one cause idiots voted for him as a president 🤷‍♂️

I cant believe you mentioned BJ but each to there own I guess.

Jennnifer Aniston

Jodie Comer

Stacey Solomen

Miss read this,




The above are the next three

Gotta make it difficult havent i.... avoid is the obvious answer right! Shag - stacey, marry - Jennifer, avoid - jodie! Okay.... 1. David Beckham 2, Simon Cowell 3. James Corden

As a man I'd shag David Beckham; marry James Corden, avoid Simon Cowell. Kylie Minogue, Geri Haliwell, Joanna Lumley

Shag syco Marry David Beckham Avoid the other annoying tit!😂😂😂

Shag Kylie, Marry Joanna, avoid Gerry! (Unless it`s the 90`s and she`s wearing the Union Jack dress!) ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Shag joanna, marry kylie avoid geri NEW 3 are ..... 1. David Walliams 2. Piers Morgan 3. Catherine Tait

Shag...Piers. Marry...David. Avoid Catherine NEXT...Holly Willoughby...John Barnes...Alan Carr

Shag Holly, marry John (for the conversation) and avoid irritating Alan!

Shag John, marry alan, avoid holly! NEXT 3 ARE: Phillip Scofield, Kim Woodburn, Charlotte Crosby

Marry Kim (The house would be clean!) Shag Charlotte, avoid Phil.

Shag Kim, Marry Charlotte (can shag her multiple times then) and avoid Philip Next three: Amanda Holden, Piers Morgan and Ben Shepherd

Omg that's a bad one for me!! Lol id have to shag piers, marry ben and avoid amanda! NEXT 3 Jonathan Ross, Graham Norton, Michael McIntyre

Oh God what a choice lol

Shag Jonathon Ross, marry Graham Norton and avoid Micheal McIntyre

NEXT 3 Keith Lemon, Greg Wallace and Katie Price

Oh dear what a rum bunch! Ok...shag Katie Price (everyone else has) marry Greg Wallace because he will feed you and gets exited at the tinest thing, avoid irritating Lemon! 😉 SQ

This is tough, shag Katie price, marry Greg Wallace, avoid Keith Lemon.

David Attenborough, Ayrton Senna, Queen Victoria.

Sexless marriage to David Attenborough, Shag Ayrton Senna, avoid queen Victoria! NEXT 3... Kaitlyn Jenna, Ozzy Osbourne, Ed Sheeran

Hmmm this is another tough one!

Shag Ed Sheeran, marry Ozzy( simply for the money!) and avoid Kaitlyn Jenna

Next 3 Anne Widdecombe, Eamonn Holmes, Danny Dyer

Oh dear! Shag Anne to show her what she's missed! Marry Eamon for the banter, avoid Danny Dire (pun intended) 😉