She wants girth...

My Partner and I have found that stimulation with her being stretched to capacity creates an amazing indoor water feature and she squirts like a fountain, now I am looking for a dildo to enhance this new found ability, All the vibes and dildos are easy to find if you want length but to find girth of about 4 inches diameter means trawling thro each and every product, can anyone help and recommend to me, so I can surprise her on Valentines day

John holmes is amazing but its not 4" only a mere 2.5"
Also super ballsy cock. Way too much for us and its bigger than described we measured with a digital caliper at 3"
Failing this get a roller out of a conveyor belt or talk to bath bi guy he knows about these things (nothing personal mate but you do!!):-) O k so he helped me with this but what the Fk

Do I? Did I? errr... when was that? *confused*

Four inches is huge! Your best bet is probably an inflatable dildo which will give you more flexibility size and use wise. Take a look at an inflatable dildo I reviewed here

if that aint big enough for ya, try this monster inflatable:

or the 3.5 inch wide solid Gigadong here:

or the 4.5 inch wide Jolly Giant!

Ask me another... :-D

ps - if you REALLY want to surprise her, how about 6 inches wide at the base and 5.5 kg in weight? hehe

Sorry bath bi guy but Mrs sexybeast meant I helped her out as she has joined us today as her first day as an actual member. Not that she hasn't had an imput before (you didn't think I used all that stuff on my own did you) Oh you did! You filthy pervert :-) Seems to be a day for insults sorry
Best regards Sexybeast

O K copaloadofthis Mrs sexybeast and I have been thinking about solutions to meet your need and think you might give this a try.
Get a 2ltr plastic lemonade or ginger beer bottle from Tesco or some such store. Chuck away or drink the contents and fill it with expanding foam that you can buy in the builders or diy shops in aerosol cans. Let the foam go off. This should give the bottle a rigidity it didn't have before as the foam will support it. Lastly cut the top off i. e. screw cap and bottle neck. We measured one dead on 4" Nice torpedo shape, Just might work. If you give it a try let us know how you get on. Good luck

Hi copaloadofthis, dont know what you have looked at or are after really but why not have a look at these couple of items ,1 of them is "THE CONE" as seen on Jonathan Ross show,

many thanks nortyknicks

sorry somehow i managed to put the wong links in, so here they are

many thanks

@ sexybeast

Ha! Great minds think alike! Thanks for your suggestion (only just seen it - DOH) I've actually already done what you suggested a couple of months ago. Wasn't a 2 litre bottle though (blimey!) I ended up using a smaller one that was nicely shaped and three and a bit inches wide. Works well! Okay for a bit of a laugh but it wouldn't stop me buying the real thing at Lovehoney - the realistic look of a genuine toy goes a great way to add to the excitement IMHO.

copaloadofthis Have you tried inserting the vibes you have side ways :O..., Just kidding...

Has any one here used the Frenchy Super Cock, I have just ordered one but it has only one review :P if any one else has and has anything to say I would be pleased to hear... Always nice to have a few oppinions to go off :D

No, but I just had a look at the picture of it and it seems the French have some serious medical problems! LOL

Hang on - aren't we supposed to call it a Freedom Super Cock these days?.... :D

Hehe... well i have to agree they do seem to have some medical probs lol, but I'm a sucker for pink.. :P .... and I have no idea if the name changed, I got it from lovehoney yesterday.. when it comes home I will tell you if the name is different on the pack ;) for all I know it could be called the super dooper pink pecker!!..........

I was just kidding about the name Laynie - you know how "French Fries" got changed to "Freedom Fries" in America when they got pissed off with the France.

I don't like the sound of Freedom kissing my girlfriend though :-(

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your sooper dooper knobly wacky shaped pink pecker!

hehehehehehehe OMG I thought you was serious :O but i still like sooper dooper pink pecker better... maybe they will change the name after this:P

Ha, maybe! What I want to know is this though: if you got your sooper dooper pink pecker yesterday, why hasn't it come home yet? Did hubby take it to work with him? :O

LOL I ordered it yesterday :P If it was here yesterday I wouldnt have time to talk in here:P
Sigh I can expect it on the 15th of march at the latest...... It had better hurry I broke my rabbit:P heehehe

Wo0t I got my super dooper pink pecker today! It came early...
I couldnt wait to rush the kids off to school so me and my man could have a little fun:P
It is huge with a big fat head and has these fabulous ridges on it that get thicker as you go down, it really fills the "hole" so to speak, and gave me a real intence orgasam... well worth it's money and I just gotta love lovehoney for the speedy delivery!!

It wasn't the only thing that came early by the sound of it, hehe. I like your review - sounds like you had fun! So, you like a bit of extra girth then heh? ;-)

Hehehe! Well the funny thing is that im tiny at 4 foot 9" tall but I do seem to love anything massive :O which is prolly why I love my man so much....
It's nice to hear you like my review :P (gets a swell head)
The super dooper pink pecker was one of the best toys I have ever bought its well worth its money and i'm a bit shocked it hasn't got more reviews!!