I am keen for my partner to fully sissify me.
I would love to see her play with a bull while I am locked in chastity playing with a dildo.
So far we have played around with me crossdressing and being submissive, but am unsure how to go about broaching taking this further.
Any ideas?


start with shaving your legs and see if she likes them, my OHA has told me she likes to see me in knickers and I dressed up for her, she has now asked me to shave my legs


Congrats on having the courage to get this far! It’s difficult to open up to people about these things.

I would say take things one step at a time, your partner may have a hard limit at cuckolding (although equally may love it!).

Start with anal play, then maybe pegging. Introduce chastity and perhaps later an element where she is doing another activity whilst denying/ignoring/instructing you. Depending on how this goes you can incorporate multiple elements together.

Generally speaking there is no one roadmap, it’s just about being honest, open and respecting your partner’s boundaries. Sometimes these things take time, so be patient! :relaxed:

All the best with your endeavours! :lovehoney_heart:


@ScottishSweethearts suggestion of anal play and pegging seems like a good place to start.

If you havent found the excellent chastity thread its incredibly informative.

Theres also lots of ways to simulate a threesome, suction cup dildoes spring to mind,

So thanks for all the tips!

I have shaved around my clitty and boi pussy. And she already loves me in stockings. I have asked her about her pegging me and put chastity forward as a way to stop me masturbating when she isn’t around. She didn’t seem so keen on strap on play but seemed ok with the cage idea. I will keep you updated!

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Have you tried being bottomed by your OH while she wears a strap on and bums you ?