Sissy / Femboy

So,four nights in now to this months Sissification week.Mistress has indeed changed rules and procedures.She has presented me with a lovely gold “Sissy” pendant which i have to wear during this time.Also sexual release or favours from her are not allowed during this time.Instead she has presented me with an A4 sized porn magazine filled with full page full frontal erect male models.For her entertainment each evening i have to choose a model and remove the page.Then i have to explain to her why i have chose this particular guy,how handsome i think he is,how nice his hard cock looks etc etc.All the while i do this i have to kiss the image of his face and cock as i masturbate.When i come i have to spray him and upon completion i then have to lick him clean.I then have to thank Mistress for letting me show my appreciation to a proper man and tell her how much i enjoyed myself with him.The page is then left to dry before being added to a scrapbook style album which she has called my “Sissy Lovers” album.By this time Mistress will have had a number of orgasms with her various toys whilst she has observed my journey to even greater Sissification.I also know at the end of the eight days when we next make love it will be awesome,she is a Fantastic Wife & Mistress.


Wow, I can’t explain it, but I find that very erotic​:sweat_drops: enjoy @HappyInPanties :wink:

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Yes,there was a time in my younger years i would have found it strange and probaly impossible to do.Now i find myself looking forward to this week of Sissyness every month and it is indeed very erotic.It is also a huge turn on wondering what Mistress will impose on me next.Have a great weekend too @Mercyun

i am a sissy


I am not a sissy in terms of clothing but I am becoming more and more feminised as our female led male chastity relationship progresses.

Physically I have no body hair on my torso and my arms and legs will be next and I am slowly enlarging my nipples using suckers.

Sexually we have decided that penetrative sex will be performed only on me (anally and orally) and I will be used by her however she wishes.

I’m loving the change. I just wish it had happened long ago.


Just saw your photos on the photos area and wow you look so good in the basque

I got my husband the same basque but it’s too short but I love the fact you paired it up with a skirt - I’m off to get him back in his basque and pair it up with a short skirt (he got a nice wet look skirt he wears when he dresses as a slutty secretary)

Can I ask did you wear the skirt as you also found it would look better

Keep it up - serious sexy and hot :lovehoney_heart:


My OH often wears my knickets when he runsl recons it holds his c…k in place @batjamboree

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I wouldn’t consider myself a sissy / fem boy but love to be penetrated. I guess maybe I am becoming more submissive per my wife which I guess is true in some sense. The feeling of my wife penetrating me is so addictive that is what I want most the time.


Thanks soo much!! Thats really brightened my day.

Yeah I added the skirt as it made the outfit as a whole a bit sexier and I was looking to pair the skirt with something on top originally.

Would love to see how your partner wears his.

I’ll take more pics this weekend!


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I want that too!

I don’t think wanting to be penetrated makes you a sissy / femboy, its a whole host of aspects that contribute to the feeling


@Curious_cat23 @JMS55
I consider if as a man you like the thought of anal penatration makes you no less of a man and in no way you should feel shame or anything in a negative way

I as a woman enjoy the pleasure it gives to my man when I dress up with my strap on and penatrate him - I find it (as a straight woman) very enjoyable being able to do something that I only dreamed of years ago - I feel sexy and confident and sometimes my husband dresses up as a woman as I do it - but whatever he likes is good for me and I encourage it

We buy lingerie together and he will often wear my lingerie during play and I feel no issue with him enjoying himself

My thoughts is you have 1 life and enjoy it as one day it will be too late


This is very true. Enjoying pegging / anal play and the sissy side of things are different, and for people to find their side of own enjoyment :slight_smile:


I love being pegged with a large realistic dildo when i am in my Sissy state by Mistress who really goes to town on me.My feminine side is now taking over my sissy side more and more and i am now spending more time feminine rather than sissy.Whilst in this state wife makes love to me not as Mistress but as my lover and uses a smaller dildo and makes slow sensous love to me to me telling me how much she loves me whilst sliding her lovely “cock” into me.I feel so sexy,romantic and loved as she rides me.


We’re much the same.

Sometimes our pegging is all about domination. It’s hard, bordering on violent.

Other times it’s slow, sensual, soft and very romantic. Last time I ended up in tears as I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer intimacy.

Either way is good for us.


That’s almost exactly where we are too.

My wife, like yours, has taken on my increasing feminisation (in the privacy of our home) without batting an eyelid. I should have given her more credit and asked her years ago.

Currently I wear women’s knickers and I have a silicone pad with covers my genitalia and creates the impression of a vagina (camel toe) on the outside. I sleep in these and wear them for sex unless she wants access. I am also enlarging my nipples to a more feminine appearance by sleeping in nipple suckers.

She sleeps in men’s underwear and has a soft cock and balls ‘packer’ inside which looks and feels just like the real thing.

She pegs me regularly and flogs, canes or paddles me often too.

I guess I’m feminised but not sissified and I’m way too old to be a femboy but we’re having a wonderful time at the moment.


Squeeze type. Initially the ones sold to correct inverted nipples for breastfeeding women but later the bulb type.

I do wear the screw type but only for short periods.

Mine are getting more sensitive.

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After a year of almost daily nipple suckers my nipples are double their size both at rest and erect . Much more sensitive too .

LH does not carry the ones I found great , I did suggest them to carry them . Only about 1” diameter and very soft silicone . I go a maximum of 25 minutes at a time and usually two times with at least a half hour between applications . I use water based lube to get nipples to wake up and put a little around the sealing lip . Too bad I can’t post photos of before and after use , I am impressed .

Zero nipple pictures on anybody allowed .