size matters

what is the biggest (as in circumference) dildo that I can buy from LH?
how was it for you?

Circumference: 8.5 inches
Length: 13.5 inches

It took me a while to get used to it having never used such a large dildo before, but once I mastered it....Now I love this toy.

Its not the biggest. And there are bigger ones out there.

This is the biggest:
But I ain't brave enough to go near that. Let alone use it! >.<
Length: 23 inches
Circumference: 17.75 inches

Holy crap, that second one there sure isn't for the shy! I'm thinking I have some working up to do before I can take half of the vibes and dildos here on LH!

heh heh
I like em big, but even some of the toys here are too big for me. O_O
And its not often I say that. I was in an adult shop recently with a friend and she handed me one dildo so big I had to ask if it was a joke one. It was twice as big as my Target Practice invincible. Theres no way in hell I could use it. Heck even for anal use! >.<

I think a lot of it is to do with the shape for me at least - need to be slimmer at the end and thicker at the base of the shaft, otherwise I struggle to get it all in, like this one we got free with our order:
It's widest at the head and I just cannot manage to insert it all, it starts to become quite uncomfortable :/

Folks they do make conversation making doorstops or table decorations if you can't get them up !!!