Sleeping in Lingerie

So I've decided to stop wearing just my old baggy t-shirts to bed and I want to get some lingerie that is actually sexy and COMFORTABLE to sleep in. I've bought these so far:

I'm looking forward to trying them out but I was just wondering if anyone had some other suggestions for sleep wear? I am a size 18 with DD boobies which can be problematic in terms of sizing as I don't like things too form fitting but I want to be a sleeping beauty. Thanks for any help! x

P.S. I had a look and couldn't find a thread specifically for this but apologies if there's one out there.

I went through lingerie and found some options from all sorts of price ranges, hope this helped x

My Mrs likes Babydolls and I think they are super sexy as they can be used for play and sleep .The fact that most of them are semi see through makes them hot and sexy. I think you partner would like them also .

I have the red spoil me babydoll it's so comfortable 😊, enjoy hunny x

Thanks NatandTom! I've seen a lot of these but was wondering if anyone had personally tried to sleep in them. Most reviews are about how sexy they are rather than long term wear.

I've slept in the Spoil Me babydolls and chemises - both are really comfortable! I also have a chemise/chemise and robe from Dreamgirl that I've slept in similar to the ones I listed and they were comfy too. X

I find chemises too uncomfortable to sleep in. They wake me up because they are twisted, or my arm has come out of a shoulder strap and ended up over my head! I'm best off nekkid, or wearing a cotton nightie.

I normally sleep naked, but I have slept in these 2 babydolls, and they were super comfy :) xx

The best decision I've made was ditching the pjs and wearing lingerie in bed. I find baby dolls and bodystockings comfortable. The ones you have in the link would be comfortable being satin too *♡*xx

Love sleeping in satin chemises, love the sunburst ones for that and the spoil me satin ones I wear too xx

Thanks for all the great advice guys!xx I've got this one and have slept in it, really very comfortable .

wildflower wrote: I've got this one and have slept in it, really very comfortable .

Awesome. Thanks! I was thinking twice about the lace. I have unbelievably sensitive skin and I've had really scratchy lace in the past which looked so promising.