Small penis humiliation

Recently when my wife and I were having sexy time i asked her if she could try some (light) humiliation. She gladly obliged. As we were going at it she started to say how pathetic and tiny my penis was etc, (I am average size 5.5 inch) I LOVED IT! It was a huge turn on. The experience got me wondering if many others (male and female) enjoy this as part of there sexy time?

Might be worth typing cuckold into the search bar as it can be a large part of that particular lifestyle.

Humiliation can also be part of the punishment and reward scenario in chastity and BDSM.

Oh yes! I absolutely love small penis humiliation and penis humiliation in general. He doesn't need to have a micropenis. Even if he's way above average, I can still tell him how small, thin, soft and pathetic his penis is. How he'll never be able to actually satisfy a woman with it and that every single one of his ex partners has been faking it so as not to hurt his ego.

You seem to be on board with this, but generally such words can be extremely hurtful. This is why I always check with my partner beforehands to make sure they're ok with it and find it arousing.

Of course others do enjoy this, humiliation like this can be included in Vanilla or kink based play thought most consider it kink based.

Me personally im not into penis humiliation or really any humiliation but can understand why someone is.

I don't know why, bit it really got me going, and my oh very much enjoyed berating me , (she is normally very caring and calm) about the my size and how she couldn't feel it , and how tiny and useless it was. It was a completely new experience but definitely one we shall have again

Not my thing and in all honesty I never understood why people like it. I would be scared of genuinely hurting that person in some way even if they asked me to do it.

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We are new to humiliation and only done little bits. It’s not been about penis size, more in the direction of getting me to beg or admit she is in control. Light toys added into this with collar and lead. Started a bit of public stuff to such as having to wear her underwear or Chasity cage. I love the domination side and being controlled and this adds to that well.

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Recently my wife has started to include a little bit of cuckold fantasy / roleplay into it as well, it really gets me going


This is a fantasy of mine , very much .
I love watching my wife ,with her vibrator , pleasuring herself , because I’m “not up to the job”
Sometimes , when I’m “permited” to enter her , she’ll ask me if I’m in yet , and tells me tha she may be getting another slave to satisfy her needs .
Turns me on so much !!
PS , when I’m the “Dom” , I get my own back :wink:

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I love it when my wife tells me that I would never be able to “fill her” as I am too tiny, or that the needs to find a real man to fulfil her needs, and the newly added cuckold fantasy of hers has really intensified the experience and opened up a new direction of our humiliation play time :grin:

Not humiliation really, but I love it when Mrs Fan tells me to put on her favourite penis sleeve (our biggest). She tells me that we don’t have to use it but the noises and expressions tell me that she loves it big.

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Not sure if this counts but after a stressful day at work we were having a session and I was struggling to get ‘hard enough’. I quietly asked my OH to demand I get hard and make my member grow (I’m a grower not a show-er). She obliged and it definitely helped.

Something I might try and do again as it really got me in the zone! I might ask her to throw in a few of the bits mentioned above.

My OH is far more experienced sexually than me and some of the stuff she has done would make a lady of the night blush.

She is naturally submissive during sex.
She has always been open and honest about her past and to be fair it has added a lot to our role play and sex lives over the last 12 years or so. I presume being submissive is something discovered in her earlier years but don’t honestly know.

This year we have decided to switch roles for a bit to see how things develop. Part of this is down to me suffering from ED and not being able to perform at my best, which has progressively got worse over the last 6 months or so.

Up until quite recently the penis extenders have been our saviour but of late I have struggled to get hard enough for them not to flop about like a wet fish for at least half of our attempts.

We do get some success from the extenders but also use toys and more recently strap ons.

I am not the largest equipped guy but you wouldn’t want a wart the same size hanging off your nose!

Penis humiliation is something that I have pushed in recent weeks and surprisingly is something I have liked and OH has certainly revelled in either whilst I have been caged or during sex.

I quite like this aswell, sometimes when myself and OH are having sex and swap positions she sometimes uses expressions to get me going like “I can’t feel it, I need a bigger cock”
It does get you going. I know she loves my cock and always tells me it’s perfect for her.


Yes @GACRB211 - same. I don’t think I could ever do this if I wasn’t secure in every sense with my partner. It’s certainly not something I’d try with a new partner or if I had any fear I wasn’t satisfying a partner.

@Welsh-Warrior - sorry for hear about your ED. Hope you get it sorted. Sounds like you and your partner are very open and close . If the tactics of recent weeks help you then good on you!

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