Some helpful tips for Lingerie Reviews!


Well, it has been no secret that we have been shouting out for lingerie reviewers recently, but the products have been super secret!

So I thought a little thread about lingerie reviews was in order.

Basically feel free to add what you find useful and what you look for when shopping for lingerie. 

Here are a few things I personally look for when picking testers:

*Do I have the reviewer's measurements and have they included some detail about this in their past/pending reviews.

*As they have mentioned their own measurements, have they also mentioned what size they purchased/received.

*So I can see their sizing info and the size they brought - Great. Do they then mention the fit on them/OH.

That is just a few things I look out for... What do you look for when reading lingerie reviews?

Let's help each other out on what makes a great lingerie review and help a member get on Lovehoney's list of lingerie testers! 

I will get some of your tips added to the original post too :) 

What I always look for in reviews is .. what size was purchased and how well it fitted. Not just the feel or quality of the item.

Well being a size 18 and 5.6 I love hearing about how the fit my kind of size, so definitely helpful for me if they state hight and clothes size ECT. Xx

I mostly find it helpful to hear how lingerie fits different body shapes as well as sizes, and that applies to breasts too (finding lingerie for my boobs is a very tricky task!).

I often look for reviews from other slightly-taller-than-average folks so that I can get a feel for how items will fit on my body.

All of the above regarding reviewer size/size purchased and fit, plus is it flattering. I want to know if there is any breast support/lift/padding etc, if it creates a muffin top, if it clings to or emphasises wobbly bits. That sort of thing. I know not everyone is comfortable mentioning their hang ups but if, for example, you're self concious about your tummy and the lingerie gave you a confidence boost through concealing or flattering the area, I'd like to know that as I am also self concious about my mummy tummy and would like to know how the item sits there. Even if you don't get specific something as simple as a general statement about your body type (pear, hourglass, athletic, soft etc) alongside your dress size can be really helpful. The difference between something fitting and flattering is an important distinction to me :)

I love reviews that mention the sizing of the garment and the wearer but also find mentions of a reviewers height exceptionally useful. I am quite short so knowing whether the suspenders will work for me or whether the stockings will be too long is really helpful!

I also like to know how comfortable something is, if it rides up or not and how well made it is :)

I love lingerie and most of my reviews are of lingerie,

I try to tell about everything how it makes me feel the garment and what positive or negative effect it has caused in my self-esteem and in my OH.

Especially if it makes me feel sexy or not and if it hides my mummy tummy.

I like to hear about flexibility of the item wether it will suffer tear and wear from vigorous love making , how durable will it be from being tugged at , I want to know I can use my outfit in every which way without damage occuring. Most of all I want to know how well does it wash can I put it in the machine on a setting that won't damage the material.

Great idea for a thread and will keep these all in mind when writing future reviews :)

Boob room is what I scan reviews for as I'm a dress size 14 with 36HH boobs so can be a nightmare trying to accommodate the girls 😂

That's very interesting topic. When I read reviews for lingerie, I like to see people mentioning their height (I'm just 5.1) and also their body shape. Even tough I'm quite petite, being a size 10 with a heavy bottom body (pear shape) makes quite tricky for me get things like hold-ups, stockings and suspender belts. Particularly interested as well in garments that help to smooth the tummy area (another mummy here!)

Ohhh - great thread.

I look for people of similar size (plus size with small boobs) and body shape to myself - not forgetting height as I am almost 6' tall.

I do love a little humour too - obviously not important to everyone xx

All of the above is totally useful! Also, whether the item is strictly for bedroom only or if it can be worn out I.E. does the boob area have enough support to wear it out when walking, does it give nipple coverage, can you see any lumps and bumps under a tight fitting dress etc. I like to wear sexy lingerie out but only if I know I'm supported! And some basques can stick out if you wear a slinky dress so that's good to know in advance.

Defo agree in terms of fit, not just your size but your boob size and height is really important ☺️☺️☺️

I like to read about a person's height, body shape and clothes size as these are important to me. I also like to know how the material fits and feels,

I really struggle to find any lingerie that I can be confident knowing it will probably fit, I'm quite short and wear a size 10 but have size D cups, the three don't tend always go together very well!
I like to know how high the cups are, cups that are very high cut tend not to always fit very well due to my height- I seem to not have very much room between my boobs and my shoulders...

All of the above but I also like to know how the lingerie holds up in different situations like long term wear vs short term, whether I can sleep in it, how it performs during the act.

Definitely the sizing , I find it helpful to read what size garment the person has been sent and also their own size . Especially interested in how big the cup size is and does the item offer a good support .

I'm not a certain model size. Having larger boobs i find it hard buying basques. Having to buy larger sizes than my waist which is still unsucessful
I like to find basques that are cup sizes. But please do larger cups.
Reading the reviews and how they fit if every where is very helpful.
Thanks x

As previous comments, I really think a review almost shouldn't be published if it doesn't state the clothing size, the wearer's size, and how it fitted.
I hate reading reviews where they say "it fits so well" or "the 12 fitted me nicely" and then they don't mention the other key info.