Spit or swallow

what's everyone's preferences. Mrs uk always shallows. She says its a waste not to


I rarely come through oral sex now but when I do she always swallows.

We are both a lover of oral sex and is a frequent thing in the relationship. My girlfriend is not to keen on swallowing as she hates the taste and has bad gag reflex. Iv read a lot about how people love it if a girl swallows personally it doesn’t bother mean as the pleasure is in the action and always feels great. Sometimes she spits but other times we make it more fun like build up and then cum on another part of her or snowballing adds the extra kink so it doesn’t have to be just spit or swallow

I always swallow...but I do like a facial occasionally too...


Depends on my mood tbh, sometimes swallow sometimes not 🙂

Prefer to swallow but do love a good facial.

I usually swallow like a good girl, but sometimes I just let it drool out of my mouth which is really hot, recommend!



I am just wishing to get any oral action …

There’s definitely things you can be doing to improve the taste for your partner. Mostly it’s just being healthy, hydrated, active. Avoid smoking and unhealthy foods. I think zinc and iron are good too, there’s plenty sources online worth looking at. Other foods like pineapple seem to help too. Lovehoney also sell an amazing ptoduct called Yummy Cum which is well worth trying! A combination of those works for us, see what works for you.

Could also be it’s not really for her though, its not for everyone. There’s other fun to be had than swallowing. As I mentioned I sometimes just let it drool out my mouth which can be really sexy too!


My wife typically lets me cum in her mouth and then spits. The sexy drool down her chin onto her chest or something would be a massive turn on


Love it when she swallows. So does she. Kissing her after is always a huge turn on as well.

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I don’t like spitting, so my favourite thing is to share it with someone - if that isn’t possible, swallow.

When I was seeing someone last year which didn’t last that long, the second night she gave me a bj. To my surprise after I told her I was about to cum she kept her head down and swallowed it all. Its just a shame things didn’t work out between us because any woman who swallows with out being told to is a keeper.


Would love to swallow, but I just gag and cant bring myself to do it.

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The wife is hit or miss, sometimes she does sometimes she doesn’t swallow, depends on how horny she is u guess. Either a facial or boobs

Swallow… At least! Love to do other things with it too haha

Pleased to know I’m a keeper…:yum:


any man will be lucky to have you then Jilly :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to swallow but now I mainly spit, unless it hits me right at the back of my throat. If not I occasionally involuntarily gag. I blame pregnancy, as that was when the gagging began. It’s a few years now since, but the gag is still strong.

Tbh I prefer to let him cum on me. Sometimes I will pull away and let him cum on my tongue instead.

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I always swallow :yum: