Spotting/bleeding after sex. On Mirena, can anyone advise?

Hey guys, I posted about this a month ago but I thought it was a one off and as it happens, it was actually a period so I wasn't worried.

Anyway, I've been on the Mirena coil for 16 months with no problems. I don't have periods as such, just a couple of days spotting every 2-3 months.
Last month I had the period as mentioned above, then unusually, I had spotting again for 2 days this week (only 3 weeks after the last one finished when it's normally 2-3 months later).
So I'd had no spotting since Thursday lunchtime (sorry to be so graphic but discharge had returned to normal colour) and then there was blood last night when OH pulled out (bright red). Then nothing since, not a drop! I did orgasm btw. I'm confused as to what's going on when I've been settled on it all this time.
I know I'm gonna have to go to the Dr's but just wondered if anyone has experienced this or can advise in any way? I can't believe this is happening just as our sex life has improved so much. It's really getting me down and as you can imagine, it's really spoiling things for me and OH :(

I’ve experienced something similar and I know how annoying and upsetting it can be so you’re not alone!

Irregular bleeding is a very common side effect of the minera so don’t worry. Unfortunately this can mean you’re fine for a couple of months/years and then all of a sudden you start getting periods or spotting again.

It’s definitely worth investigating with your GP because its important to rule out any other cause for the bleeding just in case. They will most likely perform a speculum exam, take swaps and a physical exam to check for signs of infection and tenderness too. It’s all routine so don’t let it spook you.

Make sure you tell your GP all your symptoms. They will probably ask you some of the following (sorry to be graphic) does your discharge smell any different? Is the consistency any different? Do you experience any pain during or after sex? Is the blood bright red or dark red? When you do get spot bleeds do they hurt? Tell your GP everything even if you don’t think it’s relevant.

Plotting the spot bleeds on a calendar can sometimes be useful; sometimes a pattern emerges, sometimes not. If a pattern emerges, avoid sex then.

Most likely it’s nothing to worry about and you’re experiencing irregular bleeds which might take a while to settle down again.

For now shower sex is always a good option. If you’re only bleeding when he penetrates you, you could stick to clitoral toys and oral sex for now until it stops.

When are you booking a Drs appointment? Hope it all goes ok.

I don't have a coil yet, I have to wait 2 more weeks until I can get one fitted ( just had my 2nd little boy =D )

But I know that when I am due a period, my cervix drops lower. Maybe yours is sitting particularly low right now and when you had sex it disrupted something? Bare in mind, even if you only normally bleed once every few months - even pregnant women often experience the symptoms of periods at that time of the month through their pregnancies so it might be the same on the coil.

My post-partum bleeding stopped fully last week, not even pink tinged discharge anymore but when we had sex recently I started bleeding again & my OH said he could feel he had hit my cervix so I think it shook things up a bit as the bleeding has stopped again today...

Still go Dr's though and check it hasnt moved etc x

I recently had an appointment with a gynea and she told me this can happen with the Mirena coil. I have had my Mirena fitted for 4 years and in that whole time, not a single hint of a period, but the doc I saw said it is different with everyone. Some get regular periods, some nothing at all, some random spotting or brown discharge randomly, so I guess it sounds normal. (Not exactly fun or helpful though, when you don't know what to expect!)

Sorry for the late reply guys. Well I'm gonna go to the Dr's in the morning because I'm a little worried. I had a uterus and vaginal infection in Sept, I had two very heavy, 3 week long bleeds and tests confirmed that was the cause. I had one the year before that too. I had antibiotics and that was that. Problem is, my Dr said the Mirena can cause uterus infections which I have looked into and have found that this is usually only the case within the first few weeks after insertion.

The first uterus infection happened before I had the coil fitted, this recent one while I've got it in so to me, it can't be that. I was quite offended when I researched pelvic inflammatory disease as it is most commonly caused by an STD. Me and OH have been together 19 years, and I know there's been nothing untoward going on. I just didn't want to hear that. Apparently there can be other causes, I don't know what these are.

Anyway, it's only since the infection in Sept that I've been having these random bouts of spotting and the odd bleeding after sex. Now the spotting I mentioned above that happened on Sat night, was literally that bit, then nothing after that. Then last night it started again (didn't have sex) and this morning I had severe pelvic pain but only on the left side, like I was being stabbed. It was so bad I thought I was gonna bleed like mad but then when I checked, it was still the very light spotting. Hardly anything there at all. It was very dark in colour and still now it's practically stopped. I know it's a bad idea to search these things on the internet but I was curious to this one sided pain. My symptoms are very like ectopic pregnancy (I am aware it may not be) but my age, the fact I have the coil and previous pelvic inflammatory disease means it's more likely.

My Dr said that if I was to continue having problems after the last treatment, she would send me for a scan to be on the safe side. I think it's time I went.

Having the marina for nearly 8 years I got the sharp stabbing pain but on the right side few months ago and they found a cyst on my ovary xx I am going for a follow up scan in a few weeks xx
I've got other cysts but I've been told it can be a side effect of the coil xx
Try not to worry too much xx Big hugs xx

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow Sarah xx

Yeh exactly, a cyst was another possible cause that came up so it could be that also. I just think that something isn't right and needs looking into. I'm getting really bad pelvic pain that would normall come with really heavy bleeding, yet it's just spotting instead. It being on and off is doing my head in. Last Thursday for 24 hours, Sat night a one off bleed then again last night and now it seems to have stopped again. It's driving me mad.

Thanks Gem, hopefully I'll get some answers soon. It's a rubbish time to have all these problems because tests and results will be delayed because of the xmas holidays. It's totally pants :( xx

BTW, hope you're o.k hun and your follow up appointment is o.k xx

I've been having major issues for years and I don't want to scare you with my tale but it's better sorted now I've not been listened too by doctors! and now I get regular pain, sex can be agony, I get spotting and discharge at times, i have cysts, my allergy consultant believes my coil is causing problems with my skin, sensitive and allergies. And other issues but I've had it 8 years and my OH now sees how much I'm suffering and he's starting to agree i have it out!

To put your mind at rest once I'd been referred for the scan it took 3days for my doctor to ring and tell me they wanted to see me with the results. I've got a follow up within 6weeks.

I would be mortified if they said I had to have it taken out. Without contaception my periods are horrific. Bleeding for 10 days, changing sanitary items hourly, vomiting an doubled up in pain. It totally ruins my life. I had been on the pill for 14 years up until I had the coil in but I feel the pill had caused many other problems I had. I've been happy with the coil so far, hardly any bleeding, not having to take a tablet every day etc.

Awh good luck hun!
If i were you, I would have it removed asap regardless even if only temporarily until your doctors can give you some clear results.

The mirena coil is a hormonal one isn't it? Could you not swap for the implant in your arm?

It may not be the coil. It could be something simple like erosion of the cervix which is treated by simply burning of the area that keeps bleeding. Seeing the dr is definitely the best thing. Good luck x

I've heard really bad things about the implant. I know eveyone is different but many friends of mine have bled for months non stop and I couldn't bare that. Also, when I was researching this spotting, alot of forums came up where people were on the implant and reguarly bled after sex. I think it's one of the main side effects with it. My Dr is fab, I'm sure she'll get me sent for a scan as soon as to find out what's going on.

If it's recommended that it's taken out, then I'll have to go with it and I suppose, go back on the pill :(

You won't have to have it taken out x they'll talk to you about it :) not even my doctors have suggested I take mine out and look at all my issues lol xx My allergy consultant has but it's my decision at the end of the day as it is yours xx

blonde vixen13 wrote:

It may not be the coil. It could be something simple like erosion of the cervix which is treated by simply burning of the area that keeps bleeding. Seeing the dr is definitely the best thing. Good luck x

Here's hoping it's something as simple as that, that would be a huge relief! Thanks BV x

Gem26 wrote:

You won't have to have it taken out x they'll talk to you about it :) not even my doctors have suggested I take mine out and look at all my issues lol xx My allergy consultant has but it's my decision at the end of the day as it is yours xx

That's good to hear, I would much prefer to keep it in. My two previous uterus infections could have something to do with this but I'm hoping not. There are all sorts of scary reasons for repeated pelvic inflammatory disease so I'm hoping I haven't got another one. Obviously it could be something of nothing like BV says, only way to find out would be to visit my Dr in the morning. It's walk-in surgery every morning, I just hope she's on shift. If not, I'll have to wait till she is because I won't see anyone else for something like this. She dealt with me in Sept so it's best to see her. Thanks everyone, will update with hopefully good news! xx

Fingers crossed she's in today,hope you get it sorted quick. I didn't get on with coil,great for first year then it all went pear shaped. I ended up getting sterilized, best thing I did, no more hormones going in x

I would happily get sterilised but that wouldn't solve my horrendous periods problem :(

I'm at the Dr's as we speak, my GP is in x

So my GP has referred me to a gynaecologist. She said I need a scan, plus an internal scan to see if anything shows up. She said I've definitely not got cancerous cysts because she tested for that when I had the infection in Sept but it is possible I could have benign ones.
She's not convinced I've had pelvic inflammatory disease (it was another gp that diagnosed it as that) because after completing the course of treatment twice before, there's no reason for it to come back.
She also said that removing the coil is not an option as it's very unlikely that it's causing any of these problems. So I'll just have to wait and see what comes of the appointment.
In the meantime I'm not too bothered about having sex during these spotting episodes (as long as I'm not experiencing cramps of course) as to me it's so light and it's just discharge but a different colour. But OH on the other hand sees the spotting and thinks I'm gonna die lol.
Let's hope it settles down so me and OH can enjoy Xmas like we planned ;)

I’ve just come across this tread after searching the form. I appreciate this thread is a quite a few years old but I’d be really interested to find out what happened for you in the end Mrs E? One of the first posts you posted in this thread sums up exactly how I am just now.........I had the Mirena fitted 8 months ago, have had very light what feels like constant roughly 2wks on 2 wks off periods, spotting in between and bleeding (no pain during) after sex in most cases. I also have occasional sharp shooting pain in my left side but very little bleeding at the same time. My gp referred me for a scan and they could see my left ovary was enlarged, no cyst. I have dr app on fri to discuss the scan so would be really useful to hear what the out come for you was. Again I realise this original thread was a while ago so details will prob be blurry but dr google is giving me no answers. Thanks in advance x